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10 Tips for Dealing with a Bully Boss

10 Tips for Dealing with a Bully Boss

Do you have a bad manager? Someone who makes your life miserable all week by criticizing your every move?

Preparing for Battle

Before you march into battle, Mueller offers some observations about bully bosses:

› Personal confrontations with bullies are almost never productive.

› Management-team members interpret any confrontation an employee might have with a boss as also being a confrontation with them, and without well-documented proof of a pattern of behaviour, they will likely view the employee as the problem.

› If bullies notice you're ducking them, they will not see this as sensible avoidance, but as cowering behaviour.

› Don't be afraid to make eye contact with your bully boss.

› Don't mistakenly think you can defuse a bully by getting personal and showing your human side. Bullies not only don't appreciate the personal side of others, they don't tolerate it. Details of your personal, spiritual or emotional life are weapons in your antagonist's hands.

› Don't try and enlist the help of your HR department. HR can be the chilliest place any employee can visit, and also one of the most dangerous. HR's allegiance is to the employer - and its goal is protecting the employer from legal claims. Approach rarely, with caution, and only when fully prepared.

Mueller offers 10 strategies for going one-on-one with your tyrant boss.

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