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Stratasys now sells professional-grade 3D printers on Amazon

Stratasys now sells professional-grade 3D printers on Amazon

Industrial 3D printer maker Stratasys has announced that for the first time it's selling a professional-grade 3D printer on Amazon.

Industrial 3D printer maker Stratasys has announced it's selling a professional grade printer on Amazon for the first time.

The machine, the Mojo 3D Printer, will retail for $6,000.

While that may seem like a high price for a printer that can fit on your desktop, companies interested in rapid prototyping require high precision parts, which Stratasys claims the Mojo can produce.

The Mojo has a resolution of .007-in., or .178 millimeters. Resolution refers to the thickness of each layer of material laid down as an object is being built.

The Mojo can produce objects of up to 5-in. x 5-in. x 5-in. in size.

That compares to 3D Systems' CubePro 3D printer, a "prosumer" machine that can print objects 11.2-in x 10.6-in x 9.06-in, in size and has a resolution of .002-in. The CubePro retails for $2,800.

Stratasys spokesperson Joe Hiemenz said high resolution does not define object accuracy, but instead how smooth the surface finish will be and how small the features can be.

"Accuracy is the ability to hold a tolerance. If you measure a part built on the Mojo with calipers it will have a high level of accuracy, close to that of an injection-molded part," Hiemenez said, referring to a conventional means of prototyping parts.

"One of the largest benefits to a 3D printer that uses thermoplastic is to get a tough part that can be functionally tested," he continued. "At .007 inch, the Mojo can build fine features that are still strong enough for testing."

The Mojo can produce concept models and functional prototypes through the use of fused deposition modeling (FDM) extruding ABS thermoplastic filament.

Unlike consumer-grade 3D printers that heat only the build platform, Stratasys uses a heated build chamber, to help ensure that once the part is built, its dimensional accuracy is locked in.

The Mojo is built to be dependable and is reliable enough to be used daily in an industrial setting, Hiemenez said.

Stratasys describes the Mojo as a desktop 3D printer that can offer fine-feature detail that is only available larger, floor-model production systems like its Fortus Production 3D Printers.

The Mojo measures 25 in. wide, 21 in. deep and 18 in. tall. It also uses a water-soluble support material that helps printed objects hold their shape until the job is finished. The support material can then be removed with jetted water, allowing for hands-free cleaning of intricate moving parts.

The Mojo Desktop 3D Printer is part of the Stratasys Idea Series. The Mojo 3D Print Pack Starter Package includes a desktop 3D printer, a startup supply of materials and bases, the Mojo Print Wizard and Control Panel software and the WaveWash 55 support removal system.

"Amazon.com has become a pioneer for 3D printing and we are excited for our Mojo to be a part of its online store," Gilad Gans, president of Stratasys North America, said in a statement. "Now customers who are looking for a professional-grade 3D printer can take advantage of Amazon's convenient online shopping experience."

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