IPv6 is a go for

Company urges other Australian retailers to follow suit has switched on IPv6, saying it’s first Australian retailer to be configured and compliant with the new IP addressing system.

The company urged other internet businesses to enable IPv6 as well.

“IPv4 addresses are a limited resource and as more of the world hops online, this will become ever more apparent,” Kogan senior engineer, Jesse O’Connor, said in a statement. “We're now at over two billion people connected to the web around the world.”

“APNIC was the first regional Internet Registry to run out of freely allocated IPv4 addresses, on 15 April 2011,” O’Connor continued. “This means that like it or not, Asia-Pacific will be leading the world in IPv6 adoption among end users as ISPs will simply not have sufficient IPv4 addresses to hand out to new customers. Businesses operating in this region need to enable IPv6 to continue being accessible to all users.”

World IPv6 Day, an international event promoting IPv6 adoption, was held Wednesday. IPv6 provides about 340 undecillion IP addresses, compared to four billion addresses under IPv4.

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