Facebook's Tim Campos on the next-generation CIO

Facebook CIO Tim Campos says the next-generation CIO will deal with "a lot more information", and expects the role to be a lot more data focused, and a "lot less operationally focused".

He says there will be far more information captured and produced than has ever been possible in human history. "All that information is a gold mine of potential for companies to build products and services that are going to have a tremendous amount of value to the bottom line," says Campos, who is in Auckland this week as a keynote speaker at the CIO Summit 2012 in New Zealand.

He says the one role in the organisation that knows how to take advantage of that data is the CIO, the head of ICT. "There is going to be a resurgence of business oriented technology leaders in the CIO role because of these trends," says Campos.

As to how CIOs can prepare for this world of analytics, he advises "learning about what it is, understanding the role of data and how does that apply in their own [organisation's] context.

"See what other companies are doing and then take those learnings and apply them into their own context," says Campos.

He relates how two years ago, he met the CIO of a ski resort in a conference. The CIO told him how the resort uses RFID tags embedded into ski passes and how it uses the information gathered to tailor its services. "It was an awesome example of not only innovation, [but also] Big Data how you use that information to drive more value for the ski resort and the customers," says Campos.

"There is so much to learn by looking at what other companies are doing, what other industries are doing," says Campos. "Even if it is not exactly relevant to you, it gives you ideas."

A key message for his ICT colleagues? "Keep innovating," he says.

"This is what drives more value for our businesses every day; that we come up with new ways to solve existing problems or the problems that we don't yet know about. Those are the best days of my job."