Conroy uses Vic Coalition report to support NBN

Conroy says report shows demand for the NBN, Rich-Phillips says it shows failure to meet demand.

Politicians from the Labor and Coalition parties have each claimed that a NBN report commissioned by Victoria's Coalition proves their points on the NBN.

The Deloitte report (PDF) found 350,000 Victorian households and businesses want faster broadband than is currently available, an increase of 63 per cent over two years.

Speaking to the Senate, Broadband Minister Senator Stephen Conroy of the Labor Party said the report showed great demand for the NBN and therefore the project should continue. Earlier this week, however, the Victoria Coalition’s Technology Minister, Gordon Rich-Philips, said the report showed the NBN “failing to keep pace with demand for high-speed broadband services in Victoria.”

The comments about the Labor Party’s broadband build came a week after NBN Co announced delays and higher-than-expected costs for the national network.

Conroy said the report released by Rich-Phillips “finds there is strong demand for high-speed broadband, particularly for speeds above 50 Mbps.” He said Broadband Shadow Minister, “Malcolm Turnbull should read the Victorian report and admit his plan is inadequate. These are the customers the Coalition has no plan to serve.”

Rich-Phillips did not share that conclusion. “It’s clear the Commonwealth’s rollout plan is not hitting areas where there is strong demand for services or those areas that would benefit most from adequate services,” he said. “Delays in the NBN rollout have resulted in much lower coverage of third wave broadband and have exacerbated unmet demand for these services.”

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