20 Twitter Tips for Business Leaders

CXO has compiled a selection of 20 Twitter tips for business leaders. From writing better content and searching more effectively to ensuring your personal safety.

4 Tips on How to Write Better Tweets

Twitter’s growing popularity has yielded one unusual result: It has exposed the frailty of writing skills in the business world. You can fudge bad writing in a 20-slide presentation, but not in a 140-character tweet. The process of constructing a good Twitter message takes careful thought, time and analysis
Clearly, the 140-character limit adds a degree of difficulty for people who already struggle with writing for less restrictive, more long-form friendly mediums, such as e-mail or blogs.
While we failed to find a panacea for constructing the perfect tweet — since the “perfect tweet” largely depends on your audience, your profession, and how you use Twitter — we compiled some guidelines from industry analysts and people who tweet uncommonly well.

4 Tips on How to Safely Blend the Personal and the Professional

Like it or not, the emergence of social networks, the proliferation of mobile devices and the ubiquity of the Web has blurred our personal and professional lives. This has been particularly true on Twitter.
We talked with some social media and experts in online reputation management about how to find the right balance. The best strategies will differ from person to person, based both upon the type of business you’re in and the audience that follows you on Twitter.

6 Tips on How To Search Twitter Smarter

Once you’re actively using Twitter, you may feel unable to keep up with all the messages of value. But you can learn to search them. From hashtags to smiley faces, here are our tips for using Twitter’s search tool, including ways to catch up with tweets you missed, and find tweets that you want to read again.

Getting organized with Tweetdeck (2 Tips here, but if you aren’t using Tweetdeck you should definitely read them!)

If you finally caught up with Twitter and found out what all the fuss is about, you now might be wondering: what the heck is TweetDeck? In short, TweetDeck is a helpful, no-cost application that will help you get more from Twitter by sorting through messages more efficiently than the regular version of the service provided on Twitter’s website.

The handy, free TweetDeck app will help you organize personal and business Tweets, automate coordination with Facebook, and more. Here are quick and easy instructions on how and why to get started with TweetDeck.

4 Tips on Using Twitter for Business

Having a good dialogue with users of Twitter, the microblogging service, requires being personable and avoiding too much corporate marketing jargon. Most of all, according to Laura Fitton (who goes by the Twitter handle @pistachioand who runs a consultancy that helps companies utilize microblogging), you need to be interesting. Here are four ways that companies are using Twitter for business.

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