$18m online project scraps Computer Associates' suite

Computer Associates' network management suite has been dumped midway through an $18 million online transaction project for the Victorian government.

Michael Lappen, managing director of Maxi Multimedia -- a joint venture between NEC and Aspect Computing responsible for the project -- said Computer Associates' Unicenter TNG suite will be phased out by February next year in favour of Hewlett-Packard's OpenView suite.

Lappen claimed OpenView is "definitely" a stronger product than TNG, adding: "OpenView is more flexible in monitoring devices and devices within devices."

It also delivers "a better level of security and monitoring" than Unicenter, Lappen said.

By switching to OpenView, Maxi Multimedia's online transaction project for the Victorian government -- known as 'Maxi' -- will come into line with the state-wide infrastructure that provides the backbone for the application, as the VicOne network is also an OpenView user.

NEC's network monitoring tools may also be deployed in mid 2000, to handle the increased integration of voice, data and video, Lappen said, adding "current systems [are not] able to handle that functionality."

The Maxi Multimedia joint venture won a five-year contract to deliver the Victorian government's $18 million multichannel online transaction project in 1997.

Designed to facilitate transactions with government agencies through the internet, interactive voice response systems and touchpad kiosks throughout the state, the network currently processes 25,000 transactions a day, according to Lappen.

Computer Associates declined to comment.