Announcing the 2017 State of the CIO survey

Tell us what's important to you

How do you rate the technology and skills provided by your vendor partners? Will you have trouble filling some roles this year? Which emerging/disruptive technologies are you deploying or piloting/testing in your organisation in the next 12 months?

This is just a snapshot of some of the questions CIO Australia is asking in our 2017 State of the CIO survey. The research – presented in conjunction with the CIO Executive Council – is leading annual survey across Australia and New Zealand that examines the plans of IT chiefs.

This is your opportunity to get involved and tell about your top priorities for the next financial year. Importantly, the survey allows you to benchmark yourself against your peers in the marketplace.

The State of the CIO is a barometer of how your IT group is perceived by your organisation. It highlights the status of your relationships with other c-level executives, your ability to innovate, leadership challenges, and your career progression in your role.

So tell us what you will be spending most of your time on this coming financial year, and how you will achieve your business and technology objectives.

The results will be published on in August. As a participant, you will receive a more detailed version in PDF format, along with survey results from our sister publication in the United States.

Tell us what’s important to you. Please click on this link to complete the survey.