Stories by Martha Heller

Is it Worth the Risk?

In my last blog with Stephen Gold, EVP of Business and Technology Operations and CIO of CVS Health, we discussed Gold's approach to continuity of value, a process that Gold uses to make sure he and his business partners make the right IT investments.

Written by Martha Heller11 June 15 03:54

A CFO's View of Consumer Data

CIO's Martha Heller talks to Greg Walsh, CFO of IPG Mediabrands, about how big data and second screens are transforming media buying.

Written by Martha Heller28 Oct. 14 01:01

CEO Says Big Data Drives Towing Business Forward

How is technology changing Agero as a business? When you think about our business, you think about tow trucks and wrenches and grease, but technology has actually made our business very sophisticated. We are crunching terabytes of data and know where our trucks are, who they are towing, and what type of service we should provide for any particular customer.

Written by Martha Heller29 Sept. 14 23:07

We Are All Plank-Owners now

In August 2012, SAIC, the $11B national security, engineering, and enterprise IT provider, announced that it would split in two: SAIC would deliver enterprise IT services to the government sector, and a new company, Leidos, would provide services in security, health and engineering.

Written by Martha Heller30 July 14 06:17

IT Ensures the Colors Match on Global Products

Martha Heller talks to Charles Shaver, CEO at Axalta Coating Systems, how a business-savvy CIO and global systems help his company meet customer expectations

Written by Martha Heller28 July 14 22:34

Making the CIO-CTO Connection

Jeff Owens, CTO at Delphi, works with IT and engineers to deliver a digital lifestyle to the automobile.

Written by Martha Heller29 April 14 07:51

This CEO Says: Bring on the Data

David Williams is CEO of Deloitte Financial Advisory Services and a self-descibed data wonk. Here he describes his use of data and social media and offers advice to CIOs.

Written by Martha Heller31 Oct. 13 12:50

How IT Can Produce Better Patient Care

For Dr. Bob Laskowski, president and CEO of Christiana Care Health System, technology means empowering physicians and patients.

Written by Martha Heller30 Sept. 13 16:41

This CEO Relies on IT for Innovation

For ARI CEO Carl Ortell, real-time information delivery is key to strong relationships with customers and employees.

Written by Martha Heller30 July 13 19:19