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Stories by Diann Daniel

Survey: Twitterati Weigh In on the Future of Social Media

Twitter and to a lesser extent Facebook are like ghetto art communities on the verge of gentrification: Hipsters are loving the first-there, build-something-from-scratch feeling, and hungry capitalists are eyeing the goods and trying to figure out how to get in on the action and make a profit. But few companies have figured out how to capitalize on all that coveted word-of-mouth and networking.

Written by Diann Daniel20 Feb. 09 07:00

Disruption: The Risks of Business Innovation

Michael Schrage tells CIOs and other business leaders why risk is not innovation's ugly stepchild, why innovation priorities are crucial, and how companies are like alcoholics.

Written by Diann Daniel28 Nov. 08 09:58

Hotels a Traveling Techie Will Love

Hotels that want to become (or stay) successful are making sure they offer amenities like 24/7 connectivity and other techie requirements. That's where our nine Techie Hotels come in. These hotels have found a way to go above and beyond standard hotel niceties. Some offer both luxurious surroundings and futuristic tech conveniences, some have found a way to offer tech amenities at a reasonable rate, and some are using technology to bring people together.

Written by Diann Daniel10 Oct. 08 16:52

Four Secrets to Becoming a Rising IT Star

To make sure your climb up the career ladder goes fast and easy, you'll need to earn the trust of your colleagues and demonstrate your promotability

Written by Diann Daniel30 April 08 11:00

Eight Steps to More Effective Meetings

Meandering or unnecessary meetings cost money, waste time, deflate morale and contribute to turnover - all the more reason to adopt these suggestions to run meetings more efficiently

Written by Diann Daniel28 March 08 13:15