Stories by Bill Snyder

Modernizing IT: How to thrive as a CIO ‘value broker’

IT is undergoing a sea change, thanks to shifting budgets and the rise of ‘shadow IT.’ But with company-wide vision, strong IT-business relationships and a focus on value, CIOs can expand their horizons.

Written by Bill Snyder25 Sept. 17 20:00

Why enterprise developers could save Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft continues to bleed mobile market share with Windows 10 Mobile, so why are some enterprise developers betting big on the platform's eventual success in the corporate world.

Written by Bill Snyder22 April 16 22:00

Everything you need to know about Google Project Fi

Google's Project Fi is now publicly available, and it offers wireless service that's significantly cheaper than the major carriers' offerings. However, it has a few notable shortcomings.

Written by Bill Snyder10 March 16 00:27

The 6 hottest new jobs in IT

These leading-edge jobs could prove to be the most lucrative careers in tomorrow’s tech

Written by Bill Snyder07 March 16 21:53

Comcast, U.S. telcos gave $88M to lawmakers in 2015

Do you ever wonder why U.S. cable companies aren't more heavily regulated? One possible reason: Comcast and other telcos spent $88 million on lobbying last year, or more than the aerospace and real estate industries, according to Open Secrets.

Written by Bill Snyder26 Feb. 16 01:09

CIOs cautiously embrace Windows 10

Major OS upgrades are never easy, but according to CIOs and IT executives, the move to Windows 10 is the smoothest Microsoft OS transition in years, even if most of them are taking their time with the deployments.

Written by Bill Snyder18 Feb. 16 23:41

Scammers target Dell customers after apparent data breach

A number of Dell customers claim to have been contacted by scammers who had access to specific customer information that should have only been available to Dell. The company claims it hasn't been hacked but won't offer an explanation for the seemingly stolen data.

Written by Bill Snyder11 Jan. 16 18:32

Privacy group says Google is tracking your school children online

The Electronic Frontier Foundation claims Google collects information when school kids use Chromebooks and Google apps, and the potentially sensitive data could eventually make its way into the hands of third-party advertisers.

Written by Bill Snyder06 Jan. 16 16:55