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Stories by Shane O'Neill

Snow Leopard early release puts pressure on Windows 7

The release of the next version of Mac OS X, also known as Snow Leopard, is by all accounts a minor update with few new user features. Even Apple calls most of the changes in the OS UI refinements that will occur "under the hood."

Written by Shane O'Neill28 Aug. 09 02:18

Testing Windows 7 in the cloud

For companies eager to upgrade to Windows 7, testing for application compatibility is crucial for a smooth deployment. But OS testing is a well-known IT time and resource drain that requires additional hardware and significant IT staff attention.

Written by Shane O'Neill05 Aug. 09 01:15

Microsoft, Yahoo deal: why you stand to lose

After a year and a half of negotiating, Microsoft and Yahoo announced a search deal partnership this morning that will make Redmond's new search engine, Bing, Yahoo's search platform and put Yahoo's sales force in charge of handling both companies' search advertisers.

Written by Shane O'Neill30 July 09 02:28

Microsoft's revenue: Redmond can't outrun the recession

In the financial quarter that just ended, arguably one of its most important quarters ever, Microsoft had a chance to bounce back after an unprecedented year-over-year revenue drop last quarter.

Written by Shane O'Neill25 July 09 04:36

Office Web apps have edge over Google Apps, says analyst

Microsoft may have had its hand forced by Web-based alternatives, but the software giant will deliver a free Web version of Office, called Office Web Apps, that will launch in tandem with the paid, desktop version of Office 2010, which is in technical preview now and due to launch in the first half of next year.

Written by Shane O'Neill17 July 09 03:18

Microsoft Office 2010: Helpful new collaboration features

With Microsoft Office 2010, due to ship in mid-2010 and being released to testers as a Technical Preview today, Redmond will push themes including collaboration and improved productivity.

Written by Shane O'Neill14 July 09 02:48

Survey: Majority of IT execs have no plans for Windows 7

Microsoft has announced that businesses can get Windows 7 a month and a half before the general release date of Oct. 22, but a new survey suggests that many of them may not want it.

Written by Shane O'Neill14 July 09 03:57

Windows 7 in Pictures: 10 Cool Desktop Features

Since the general beta release, Windows 7 has been through the testing ringer and has come out with mostly high marks for its speed, flexibility, user interface (UI) and networking features.

Written by Shane O'Neill07 July 09 16:26

Windows 7: The Five Most Talked-About Features

Windows 7 is proving a divisive subject even in its infancy. One example: Last week, reviews from CIO.com's sister sites, Computerworld and InfoWorld, offered radically different opinions about what Microsoft has in store for the successor of Windows Vista, expected to ship in early 2010.

Written by Shane O'Neill06 July 09 13:18

Microsoft's mobile trouble: can it buy its way out?

Microsoft recently announced that Oct. 22 is the ship date for its coveted Windows 7 OS. But last week as the tech world buzzed loudly about the unveiling of Apple's new iPhone 3G S and Palm Pre smartphone, it was easy to forget about the next version of Windows.

Written by Shane O'Neill18 June 09 05:11