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Stories by Shane O'Neill

Forrester: MS Office Still Sitting Pretty in the Enterprise

New research from Forrester shows that while the poor economy has delayed some upgrades to Microsoft 2007, most enterprises are sticking with some version of Microsoft's productivity suite over alternatives such as Google Apps.

Written by Shane O'Neill05 June 09 07:06

Microsoft Bing: 5 features that give it a shot against Google

Microsoft made Bing, its new "decision engine", <a href="http://www.bing.com">publicly available</a> yesterday with a background image of hot air balloons lifting off in the countryside on the Bing homepage.

Written by Shane O'Neill03 June 09 09:00

Windows 7: Why I'm in No Rush to Adopt

Tight budgets, lingering bad Vista vibes, and fear of a learning curve for users are adding up to IT departments in no hurry to roll out Windows 7. Sound familiar? Microsoft can't seem to shake its past mistakes with enterprise IT.

Written by Shane O'Neill27 May 09 06:39

Blog: Who Will Be the Windows 7 Early Adopters?

It's no easy task to pinpoint who will jump to Windows 7 early. Given the economic uncertainty, nearly all companies in all sectors are reconsidering their IT budgets, say industry analysts.

Written by Shane O'Neill22 May 09 12:32

Ex-Microsofter: Free Software Will Kill Redmond

Bill Gates probably will not sing the praises of Keith Curtis, a programmer with Microsoft for 11 years who's now left the fold and written a book about why the Redmond way will fail. Oh yeah, Curtis is not afraid to speak his mind as a Linux guru, either.

Written by Shane O'Neill22 May 09 02:58

Windows 7: Why I'm Rolling It Out Early

Despite the positive reception of Windows 7 thus far, many businesses still don't plan to deploy Windows 7 anytime soon due to budgetary constraints and compatibility fears. Many IT pros say that they plan to ride out Windows XP as the economy slowly improves.

Written by Shane O'Neill19 May 09 02:44

Blog: Windows 7 Is Ready for the World Vista Never Fit Into

Windows 7 is in a groove right now. The beta in January and the RC a week ago have received mostly positive reviews and Microsoft has done a solid job of pacing the development of the OS and testing it with partners and customers. It is set to ship before the holiday season.

Written by Shane O'Neill15 May 09 10:39

Windows Server 2008 R2: 3 Key New Features

As part of an announcement at the TechEd show today in Los Angeles, Microsoft said that Windows Server 2008 R2 RC (Release Candidate) is now available and that the final version will ship in the same timeframe as client OS Windows 7, which has been generally available as a release candidate for a week now.

Written by Shane O'Neill12 May 09 05:15

Five Windows 7 Features IT Must Prep For Now

Though eight years old, Windows XP still powers 71 percent of all PCs, according to a recent report from Forrester. That translates to millions of users that Microsoft must convince to upgrade to either Vista or the upcoming Windows 7.

Written by Shane O'Neill23 April 09 09:33

3 Reasons Netbooks are Not Enterprise Ready: IT Pros Speak

Sales of lightweight, low-powered mini-laptops, widely known as netbooks, have been growing rapidly with consumers during the past six months and are predicted to stay on this path. And the tech industry can't seem to get enough of talking about netbooks these days; the hype meter has been clicking up steadily for months. But do these little engines really have a place in the enterprise?

Written by Shane O'Neill16 April 09 09:50

Blog: Love for Windows: The Real Thing or a Marriage of Convenience?

In a year that started with weak revenues and layoffs, being on the Windows team at Microsoft doesn't seem like a bad place to be right now. You've got year-over-year gains in Windows PC sales; an effective "I'm a PC" ad campaign running on TV; diminished Mac sales as consumers hunker down in a bad economy.

Written by Shane O'Neill14 April 09 12:10

Economy, Vista Slowing Windows 7 Adoption Plans

Will IT go for Windows 7 in the next year? A new survey shows Windows 7 rollouts may proceed much slower than Microsoft would like. Plus, IT managers say they're more open to Mac and Linux alternatives.

Written by Shane O'Neill14 April 09 00:36

Blog: Microsoft's New 'Not Cool Enough' Ad Cuts Apple Where It's Rotting

Is it me or is Microsoft really starting to get its advertising act together? The company that once sat in silence while it got steamrolled by a smug slacker named Mac and a dweeb named PC is punching back with a new ad that exploits Apple's current weakness: price.

Written by Shane O'Neill30 March 09 10:45

Microsoft Rules Netbooks Now, But ARM/Linux Threat Grows

Will Microsoft stick with Intel chips in Netbooks? Or will it port Windows to ARM processors — the same chips that lower-cost Linux-based netbooks coming later this year will use. One thing's certain: Redmond's rivals are preparing for battle.

Written by Shane O'Neill30 March 09 09:57