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Stories by Shane O'Neill

Windows 7 and IE6: 4 tips to solve the incompatibility catch

You want to deploy Windows 7 but you can't let go of Internet Explorer 6. Unfortunately, that's no longer feasible: IE compatibility problems need to be solved fast to prevent Windows 7 delays, according to recent report from Gartner.

Written by Shane O'Neill13 Nov. 10 05:43

Windows 7 wanted at work: Consumer IT strikes again

If you are happy with Windows 7 on your personal laptop, but grumble every time Windows XP boots up on your work computer, it may be time to tap your company's IT pro on the shoulder and ask for Windows 7. You might be surprised at the response you get.

Written by Shane O'Neill05 Nov. 10 04:39

Microsoft CIO eats his own cloud dog food

A big part of Microsoft CIO Tony Scott's job in Redmond is to personally use all of Microsoft's technologies, including its cloud products. Microsoft types call this "eating your own dog food."

Written by Shane O'Neill02 Nov. 10 02:26

Happy birthday Windows 7: Inside 7 big enterprise rollouts

Light up the candles. Windows 7 turns 1 today. Happy birthday to an OS that debuted in the worst of a recession and went on to exceed expectations, racking up approximately 240 million licenses to date.

Written by Shane O'Neill23 Oct. 10 04:52

Windows Phone 7's best chance: No phone is perfect

One of the big draws of Windows Phone 7, at least on paper, is its ability to connect with the Microsoft tools and apps such as such as Exchange, SharePoint and Office that are already ingrained at enterprises.

Written by Shane O'Neill22 Oct. 10 06:29

Microsoft Office 365: Guide to a slew of versions, prices

With the newly-branded Office 365, announced this week, Microsoft has taken its BPOS (business productivity online suite) service and added Office apps options. But while Microsoft dumped a bad product name for a better one, the company repeated a longtime marketing habit with Office 365: a confusing array of versions and price points.

Written by Shane O'Neill21 Oct. 10 09:18

Is Ozzie's exit good or bad for Microsoft in cloud race?

Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie's plan to retire, announced yesterday in a memo by CEO Steve Ballmer, marks the end of a five year tenure during which Ozzie helped steer the company to a cloud computing model and helped develop Windows Azure.

Written by Shane O'Neill20 Oct. 10 05:37

Windows Phone 7: Some will win, some will lose

Microsoft has owned the tech conversation this week after its announcement of Windows Phone 7 -- a complete mobile rebirth for Microsoft with technology that looks nothing like the previous version of Windows Mobile.

Written by Shane O'Neill15 Oct. 10 06:43

Social tool rollouts: Three tips for enterprises

IT services company Unisys is trying to give its workforce more social tools for blogging, microblogging, creating communities, and sharing and tagging content.

Written by Shane O'Neill09 Oct. 10 04:58

Microsoft SharePoint: Three deployment challenges

Enterprise adoption of SharePoint is rapidly on the rise: A new survey from document management company Global 360 reveals that 90 per cent of the survey's 886 respondents currently use SharePoint, with eight per cent using SharePoint 2010.

Written by Shane O'Neill29 Sept. 10 05:02

IE9: Five ways it cuts browser clutter

It's a little ironic that the main focus of yesterday's Internet Explorer 9 beta launch event in San Francisco was to de-emphasize the browser itself.

Written by Shane O'Neill17 Sept. 10 07:14

Windows 7: 10 Cool Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are wonderful time-savers but many of us are either too accustomed to the mouse or too lazy to get beyond Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

Written by Shane O'Neill21 Sept. 10 05:27