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Stories by Shane O'Neill

Windows Mobile Growth Strong, Won't Match Android: IDC

Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS will regain some of the smartphone market share it has lost recently - but will still be in last place in 2014, according to research firm IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker.

Written by Shane O'Neill10 Sept. 10 02:34

7 smartphone disasters that could happen to you

Like all technology, smartphones can be hugely useful. However, some of the time they provide opportunities for tech-tinged embarrassment. We tracked down seven of the most unfortunate mobile phone disaster tales we could find. The stories are fun to laugh at now, but most of them were anything but amusing when they actually occurred...

Written by Shane O'Neill31 Aug. 10 11:51

Windows 7 Tablet: Four Keys to Success Against the iPad

Initial reactions to the iPad earlier this year may have been mixed, but Apple's elegant tablet PC has since caught fire, racking up a devoted following and monster sales.

Written by Shane O'Neill28 Aug. 10 07:06

Has Microsoft Blown the Timing on Tablet PCs?

When CEO Steve Ballmer gave a quick peek at an HP Slate running Windows 7 at CES in January, Microsoft seemed prepared for battle against the iPad, which, at the time, had not even been announced yet.

Written by Shane O'Neill27 Aug. 10 03:17

Ten Ridiculous New Tech Acronyms

Is it any surprise that acronyms have taken over our lives? They fit perfectly in our fast-paced, multi-tasking society. Why say something in words if you can say it in letters?

Written by Shane O'Neill25 Aug. 10 03:51

Mix and Match Microsoft Office with Web Apps: Three Tips

Despite Microsoft Office's still strong grip on the corporate world, there is a subtle shift at play: More companies are complementing Office with lower-cost and Web-based alternatives, according to a new report from Forrester Research. In other words, they're taking a mix and match instead of either/or approach.

Written by Shane O'Neill19 Aug. 10 06:14

Microsoft Exchange in the cloud: Four migration tips

Tired of managing those Exchange servers in your data center? So are many other companies, and even some of America's Fortune 50 companies are now starting to migrate e-mail and other productivity apps to the cloud -- disproving the notion that SaaS and cloud services are fit only for small or mid-sized businesses.

Written by Shane O'Neill06 Aug. 10 04:34

CIO alert: Five new microsoft licensing tweaks

As if Microsoft software licensing schemes weren't complex enough, the brain trust in Redmond has cooked up changes to keep up with growing trends such as mobility and virtualisation.

Written by Shane O'Neill15 July 10 08:52

Windows Intune Beta 2: What's New?

As part of its Worldwide Partner Conference keynote today, Microsoft announced that the second public beta for its cloud-based PC management and security platform, Windows Intune, is now available.

Written by Shane O'Neill13 July 10 07:46

SharePoint 2010: Four Big-Name Social Networking Rivals

Microsoft became decidedly more social with SharePoint 2010, adding social networking tools like improved wiki and blog integration, tagging and microblogging into its SharePoint MySites feature.

Written by Shane O'Neill29 June 10 06:10