Stories by Rachel Sullivan

Risky business

Why some IT chiefs still fail to plan properly for a disaster despite acknowledging the frequency and high risks associated with events such as bushfires, storms and floods.

Written by Rachel Sullivan12 Dec. 13 11:03

Financing out of the cloud

Despite the widespread take-up of cloud-based systems in sales and HR, finance has been slower to make the change. But as the market has matured, and concerns around security and privacy have been allayed, adoption of cloud-based financial systems is starting to rise, particularly among smaller and mid-size companies.

Written by Rachel Sullivan21 Aug. 13 14:22

Why social media matters

The news that music retailer HMV was going into administration was broken to the world by one disgruntled ex-employee who hijacked the company’s Twitter account and tweeted “There are over 60 of us being fired at once!" among other pithy comments that concluded with a final update reading: "Just overheard our marketing director (he's staying, folks) ask 'How do I shut down Twitter?'”

Written by Rachel Sullivan29 April 13 09:18

How to avoid “always-on” fatigue

Managing the temptation for your IT staff to be constantly online to ensure they don’t burn out and make costly mistakes requires good management and personal responsibility.

Written by Rachel Sullivan08 Jan. 13 11:00

Connecting the dots — integrated reporting

A new approach to corporate reporting will provide more comprehensive and meaningful information about the links between an organisation’s financial performance and the social, environmental and economic context within which it operates.

Written by Rachel Sullivan06 Sept. 12 15:46

24 hours in Singapore

If you want to break a long haul trip to Europe, Singapore is a great place to do it. Compact, easy to get around, and packed with a range of great experiences, 24 hours in Singapore feels much longer.

Written by Rachel Sullivan26 July 12 15:18

Managing extreme personalities: Part two

Some extreme personalities may be good for business, but there’s one that most would steer well clear of: The corporate psychopath.

Written by Rachel Sullivan12 July 12 13:00

Managing extreme personalities: Part one

Anybody who has spent time in an office environment has stories about the extreme characters they work with, from the loud-mouth who can’t keep a secret if it will get him or her a laugh to the manager who takes credit for his or her employees’ work or who is quite happy to humiliate junior staff in public.

Written by Rachel Sullivan03 July 12 12:28