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Stories by James Niccolai

Microsoft gets some heat over HTML 5 plans

Microsoft came under fire from some of its rivals on Wednesday for its decision not to offer Internet Explorer 9 -- and hence support for the upcoming HTML 5 standard -- to users of its older Windows XP operating system.

Written by James Niccolai07 May 10 06:04

Apple's behavior a throwback to 1984, Adobe CTO says

Apple's refusal to allow Flash on the iPhone hurts innovation and is "like 1984 in a lot of ways," Adobe Systems' CTO said on Wednesday, implying that Apple has become the "Big Brother" it rebelled against in its iconic TV ad from that year.

Written by James Niccolai06 May 10 06:58

Google: Crank up the heat in your data center

Google's top energy executive has offered some simple steps for making data centers more energy-efficient, including raising the thermostat to 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit) to cut down on cooling costs.

Written by James Niccolai30 April 10 10:48

HP moves high-end Superdome to blade platform

Hewlett-Packard has unveiled some major updates to its Integrity line of Itanium-based servers, including a new edition of its top-end Superdome system based on HP's blade server architecture.

Written by James Niccolai28 April 10 04:47

HP to overhaul Integrity servers next week

Hewlett-Packard is gearing up for a major refresh of its Integrity server line, an important step for customers using those systems and also for the future of Intel's high-end Itanium processor.

Written by James Niccolai22 April 10 12:24

VMware revenue climbs 35 percent on 'pent-up demand'

VMware's revenue jumped 35 percent in the first quarter, the company said Tuesday, another sign that businesses are opening their wallets again for enterprise IT purchases.

Written by James Niccolai21 April 10 06:24

Twitter courts developers with new tools

Twitter is promising new tools for developers to help them make better use of the 55 million tweets being pumped out every day by people who use its service.

Written by James Niccolai15 April 10 07:31

Biz Stone says Twitter has 105 million users

Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams shared some long-awaited usage figures for the service and sought to assure developers that Twitter is becoming a stable platform for building applications, as they kicked off the first-ever developer conference in San Francisco Wednesday.

Written by James Niccolai15 April 10 04:20

IBM unveils Power7 blades, new edition of AIX

IBM is beefing up its server line-up with the first blades based on its Power7 processor, the company announced Tuesday. It is also introducing a new, low-end edition of its AIX operating system for smaller businesses and enterprises doing consolidation projects.

Written by James Niccolai14 April 10 06:04

Microsoft ending support for Itanium

Microsoft is ending its support for Intel's Itanium processor with the current version of its Windows Server OS, according to a Microsoft blog posting Friday.

Written by James Niccolai06 April 10 06:13

US, Europe, Japan agree on data center efficiency metric

Industry groups and government agencies from the U.S., Europe and Japan have reached a basic agreement on how to measure the energy efficiency of data centers, they are expected to say on Monday.

Written by James Niccolai03 April 10 11:32

Tech provider for Microsoft's Project Natal revealed

An Israeli startup stepped out from behind the curtain Wednesday and revealed itself as the technology provider for Microsoft's Project Natal, the upcoming motion-control system for its Xbox 360.

Written by James Niccolai01 April 10 07:26

Dell aims new PowerEdge servers at the cloud

Dell hopes to grab a bigger slice of the cloud infrastructure market with a new line of PowerEdge servers that the company announced on Wednesday.

Written by James Niccolai25 March 10 06:19

Viridity's power management tool aims to boost efficiency

Startup Viridity Software is releasing a new tool on Monday to help companies keep track of the power being used by each piece of IT equipment in their data centers, with a view to improving energy efficiency.

Written by James Niccolai22 March 10 07:51