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Stories by James Niccolai

Home health-care devices help patients stay out of the hospital

Various technologies enable patients to exchange health information with caregivers. Patients can use a Health system to videoconference with health-care professionals and receive videos about diet and exercise. Patients can also attach a blood pressure cuff or other devices using a Bluetooth wireless link and relay vital signs to a nurse.

Written by James Niccolai01 May 09 05:54

Sun's revenue drops 20 per cent ahead of Oracle buy

Sun Microsystems reported a sharp drop in revenue for its third fiscal quarter, as the company battled uncertainty about its future along with the global recession.

Written by James Niccolai29 April 09 07:02

IBM, Sun unable to reach a deal, reports say

Merger talks between IBM and Sun Microsystems were said to have broken down on Sunday, with the two companies unable to agree on the terms of a deal.

Written by James Niccolai06 April 09 09:27

Adobe's hosted CoCoMo service released as public beta

Adobe Systems has released a public beta of CoCoMo, a hosted service that developers can use to add video conferencing, voice-over-IP and other collaboration features to applications built with its Flex developer tools.

Written by James Niccolai18 Nov. 08 11:35

US May Give Ground in Passenger Data Stand-Off

The US may be willing to give some ground in a dispute with European regulators over access to transatlantic passenger data, although reaching a compromise before a July 2007 deadline remains uncertain.

Written by James Niccolai15 June 07 11:34

'HAL 9000' deleted 1 million UK tax records

The U.K.'s Inland Revenue department accidentally deleted almost 1 million taxpayer records from the years 1997 to 2000 because of an error in the way it maintained its databases, according to a report published Thursday.

Written by James Niccolai12 Sept. 05 08:45