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Stories by Marc Ferranti

Wall Street Beat: Enterprise trumps consumer IT sales

Repeating what has been a familiar pattern for the past six months, tech earnings and market forecasts this week show that while enterprise IT sales, especially for software, are booming, consumer demand for PCs is flagging.

Written by Marc Ferranti26 Feb. 11 05:02

Wall Street Beat: Tech earnings help buoy markets

Tech vendor results this week reinforced the perception that business spending would fuel IT sales this year, and helped indexes head for a third straight week of gains.

Written by Marc Ferranti19 Feb. 11 05:01

Wall Street Beat: NYSE, Deutsche Börse highlight tech role

Blame it on technology. The news this week that Deutsche Börse is close to effectively buying the New York Stock Exchange, a centuries-old symbol of American capitalism, has caused consternation but highlights the IT-driven, global reality of international markets.

Written by Marc Ferranti12 Feb. 11 08:34

Wall Street Beat: Business software, e-commerce shine

With most tech bellwethers having reported financial results, the earnings season is coming to a close, but BMC, NetSuite, AOL and IAC results this week offered insights into aspects of business IT and the Internet sector.

Written by Marc Ferranti05 Feb. 11 08:47

Wall Street Beat: Software to drive IT growth

Intel and SAP results and various forecasts issued this week suggest that while 2010 was a recovery year for just about all sectors of IT, enterprise software and accompanying services will be the main drivers for technology revenue growth over the next few years.

Written by Marc Ferranti15 Jan. 11 05:37

Wall Street Beat: RIM, Oracle, spending buoy markets

Better news about the economy and online spending capped off by strong quarterly results and robust forecasts from Oracle and Research In Motion helped fuel markets this week to new highs.

Written by Marc Ferranti18 Dec. 10 02:32

Bank of America cuts services for WikiLeaks

Bank of America has joined the growing list of financial and technology companies that have cut off services to WikiLeaks, a move that comes amid speculation that the whistleblower site is preparing to release information about the bank.

Written by Marc Ferranti19 Dec. 10 05:49

Wall Street Beat: Cisco stirs worry, but forecasts solid

Word of slowing growth from Cisco put the brakes on the tech rally in the markets, but Lenovo results and forecasts for the mobile, online and consumer electronics markets suggest that IT's recovery from the recession still has legs.

Written by Marc Ferranti13 Nov. 10 04:19

Wall Street beat: Oracle, RIM renew confidence in tech

Oracle and Research In Motion earnings, Hewlett-Packard's $US1.5 billion acquisition of security vendor ArcSight and good economic news this week helped boost excitement and investor confidence in the tech sector.

Written by Marc Ferranti18 Sept. 10 01:55

Wall Street beat: Tech fails to lead markets

Good macroeconomic news on jobs, trade and European sovereign debt is helping to buoy the markets this week in the unofficial post-Labor Day start of the fall trading season, but tech stocks are still down for the year.

Written by Marc Ferranti10 Sept. 10 07:04

Intel wins key ruling in class-action suit

A court-appointed special master has rejected class-action status in an antitrust lawsuit against Intel, determining that the plaintiffs failed to show that PC buyers were harmed by discounts Intel offered to manufacturers.

Written by Marc Ferranti30 July 10 09:41

Wall Street Beat: Tech earnings boost optimism

Though a pall of uncertainty still hangs over the global economy, a wave of tech vendor quarterly reports this week from bellwethers including Microsoft, IBM, Apple and AT&T have gone a long way to bolster confidence in a continued recovery for the IT sector.

Written by Marc Ferranti27 July 10 15:26

Wall Street Beat: Hardware, chip sales shine

Upbeat sales reports and forecasts continue to pour in for the PC and chip market, offering yet more evidence that economic recovery has already spurred a worldwide resurgence in spending on hardware.

Written by Marc Ferranti11 June 10 07:22