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Why IoT devices are the 'unusual suspects' in DDOS attacks

While CIOs have shored up PCs and software systems for years, they should start to look at video conferencing systems, webcams and other inconspicuous network devices, which can be exploited to trigger devastating DDOS attacks.

Written by By IDG News Service staff28 Oct. 16 00:22

6 things you need to know about hiring software developers

A survey of 1,400 developers finds that most mobile developers have relatively little experience, no one really wants to learn Java, and programming for IoT is about as far as you can get from fun. But the right combination of pay and perks can tip the scales in your favor.

Written by By IDG News Service staff17 Aug. 16 00:07

Why private clouds will suffer a long, slow death

While private cloud proponents have spent the last five years focusing on getting their IaaS offerings working, Amazon, Microsoft and Google have moved way beyond core computing services. And you don’t have to strain to hear the death knell sounding for the private cloud.

Written by By IDG News Service staff16 Aug. 16 00:42

SDN providers nibbling away at slow-moving MPLS carriers

Another mid-sized enterprise has dropped an incumbent MPLS provider for a younger, more nimble service provider, in this case choosing a hybrid MPLS/SDN network for speed, flexibility and cost savings.

Written by By IDG News Service staff11 July 16 22:56

Twitter fails to impress with Wimbledon live stream

Twitter's first live-sports video stream at Wimbledon left much to be desired, and the company's early 'test' may not bode well for its upcoming plans to live stream 10 NFL football games this season.

Written by By IDG News Service staff07 July 16 23:21

Mingis on Tech: Forget killer robots; a self-driving car could get you, too

If your autonomous car has to decide who gets to live -- you or the people it's heading for on the highway -- what's the right answer? Executive Editor Ken Mingis, Senior Writer Lucas Mearian and Multimedia Editor Keith Shaw have some thoughts.

Written by By IDG News Service staff30 June 16 20:00

Microsoft bought LinkedIn for your relationship data

Combining LinkedIn’s business identity and relationship graph with Microsoft’s commercial cloud and business analysis tools makes a lot of (dollars and) sense.

Written by By IDG News Service staff15 June 16 20:19

4 LinkedIn messaging tips for career builders

Whether you're an IT pro seeking a new opportunity, an up-and-comer on the lookout for a mentor or a veteran who wants to build out a network of colleagues, these four messaging etiquette tips detail the right (and wrong) way to communicate on LinkedIn.

Written by By IDG News Service staff27 May 16 21:54

This sticker can wirelessly charge your smartphone or tablet

A French startup opened a crowdfunding campaign for a paper-thin sticker that adheres to the back of a smartphone or tablet, enabling wireless charging from a pad that handles multiple devices at the same time.

Written by By IDG News Service staff26 May 16 05:04

Verodin carries out attacks safely to test network security

A software platform from startup Verodin launches simulated attacks against live networks as a way to check the effectiveness of their defenses but also to train security operations personnel.

Written by By IDG News Service staff18 April 16 14:01

Brocade dials up DevOps

Acquires workflow automation start-up StackStorm to orchestrate IT

Written by By IDG News Service staff31 March 16 02:46