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Six questions to ask about Cloud Computing

While many of the long-term answers relating to the benefits and pitfalls of cloud computing are still unanswered, the director of IBM Australia's development lab, Glenn Wightwick believes there are at least six worth asking.

Written by Brad Howarth06 July 09 12:41

Storm Clouds Ahead?

Cloud computing challenges organisations to think about more effective ways to manage their computing needs. But it also presents Australia with a challenge in terms of ensuring that the country's skills are sufficient to take advantage of the economic opportunities that may stem from this new form of computing.

Written by Brad Howarth06 July 09 12:34

Case Study: Strike Force Sales

B2B sales company Strike Force Sales pushed its contact centre information system for its sales agents to the cloud -- and isn’t looking back.

Written by Brad Howarth06 July 09 10:30

Cloud Computing Special Part 1: Looking For The Silver Lining

Australian companies of all types are cautiously shifting applications out of the data centre and into the cloud. Despite all the hype, cloud computing is proving to be one trend that's more than just hot air.

Written by Brad Howarth06 July 09 10:12

Who is in the Cloud? may have made the early headlines, but it has since been joined by a plethora of software-as-a-services companies selling almost any service that can be hosted in a data centre.

Written by Brad Howarth06 July 09 10:38

What is Cloud Computing?

The term cloud computing itself can be confusing, as it was coined after the establishment of one of its key components, software-as-a service (SaaS). Research group Gartner’s definition is of a style of computing where massively scalable solutions are provided as a service using Internet technologies.

Written by Brad Howarth06 July 09 10:26

Case Study: Service Stream

With only a few weeks to get a new project off the ground, industrial services company Service Stream found the cloud was the perfect solution

Written by Brad Howarth06 July 09 10:22

Automatic IT

It used to take BT Group’s security team 46 steps to set-up a new user account. The New Starter procedure was laborious for the team, and generally led to a poor experience for new employees.

Written by Brad Howarth01 June 09 11:40

Local Hero

It takes courage to say no to a worldwide IS directive

Written by Brad Howarth25 Sept. 97 16:36

Plane and Simple Partners

Symbiosis, the interdependence of two separate entities, is perhaps the best way to describe the relationship that has been forged between Qantas and Unisys.

Written by Brad Howarth28 Aug. 97 16:04

A Good Staff is Hard to Find

With every aspect of the IT spend under scrutiny, CIOs are getting creative in staffing their departments. For some, a mix of permanent IT staff and contractors creates a more flexible and responsive environment.

Written by Brad Howarth26 June 97 12:35

Partners Online

Partners Online

Written by Brad Howarth08 May 97 13:45

Notes Worthy

Notes Worthy

Written by Brad Howarth13 April 97 14:30

A Sharper Image

A Sharper Image

Written by Brad Howarth10 April 97 21:50