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Stories by CIO.com staff

Tech Resume Makeover 101: How to move forward with your job search

Each month, CIO.com pairs a job-seeking reader with a tech resume professional in order to help them tell the right story to advance their careers. Here is a look back at some recent makeovers to help you craft a resume that jumps off the page. .

Written by CIO.com staff10 Jan. 17 04:36

The Takeaway: Microsoft's IE soon to lose its workplace browser crown

Google's Chrome browser is now expected to surge past Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser in the workplace by the end of the year. In fact, the research firm expects two-thirds of workplace users will rely on Chrome as their main browser by sometime in 2016.

Written by CIO.com staff09 June 15 04:34

The Takeaway: SSD prices continue to fall for OEMs

Average prices for 128GB solid-state drives (SSDs) hit something of a milestone in the second quarter of the year, falling to $50 for PC makers. And 256GB SSDs are now below the $100 mark.

Written by CIO.com staff04 June 15 04:23

The Takeaway: Microsoft begins its Windows 10 push

On the same day it announced that Windows 10 will officially be available July 29, Microsoft activated its expected "nag" campaign to push users to upgrade this summer.

Written by CIO.com staff02 June 15 02:59

In Pictures: 10 mobile apps that promote health and wellness

If you're one of the growing number of people who carries a smartphone everywhere, why not take advantage of mobile apps that can help you organize your medical history, eat right, exercise or fall asleep at night?

Written by CIO.com staff09 Aug. 12 08:41