Stories by Howard Wen

Kinect brings the magic to Windows PCs

Earlier this year, Microsoft released Kinect for Windows - a version of the motion-control Xbox peripheral that works out-of-the-box with a PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Written by Howard Wen02 July 12 17:26

In Pictures: Samsung's new Chromebook

Remember the initial buzz when Google announced it was coming out with a notebook computer. Well, we’re two years into the Chromebook era and the buzz has certainly dissipated.

Written by Howard Wen20 June 12 09:25

Google polishes Chrome OS, but is it enough to entice buyers?

Google launched the Chrome OS in late 2010 and has continued to update it despite lukewarm reception by the public toward the platform's model: a browser-centered OS running on a lightweight, minimally-spec'd notebook meant to be used with an always-on Internet connection.

Written by Howard Wen18 June 12 11:22

In Pictures: 5 things we love/hate about Windows 8

Now that Microsoft has released the latest beta version of Windows 8, with the clever name of Release Preview, here are 5 things we love and 5 things we hate about the new OS.

Written by Howard Wen12 June 12 08:44

7 office suites for Android devices

You can take your work with you, thanks to several office suites which let you view and edit your documents on an Android device. Most were originally designed for use on a smartphone, but here are seven that are compatible with most Android tablets that run Android 2.3 (codenamed "Gingerbread").

Written by Howard Wen05 March 12 22:33

Confessions of a Chromebook addict

Last December, Google started shipping the Cr-48 -- a lightweight notebook running Chrome OS -- to select people across the U.S. This pilot program was meant to test the experimental "Chromebook" platform under real-world use, helping Google work out any kinks. About 60,000 Cr-48's were given away by the company. Acer and Samsung released their own Chromebook models for sale to the public on June 15.

Written by Howard Wen27 Dec. 11 00:25

5 office suites for Android phones

If you're stuck in a long line, in a waiting room or on the train with time to kill, you can do something more productive on your smartphone besides going through your social-networking sites or catapulting cartoon birds. Why not catch up on office work?

Written by Howard Wen04 Nov. 11 01:37

10 ways to enhance Google+

Here are 10 extensions that provide useful, interesting improvements to the search giant’s social-networking site.

Written by Howard Wen09 Sept. 11 10:55