Stories by Bruce Carlos

A different CIO

The cry of a ‘skills shortage’ in Australia is indicative of a fundamentally flawed attitude widely held by executives. Australia is teeming with exceptional business and technology leaders who are being overlooked for leadership positions for all the wrong reasons. If there is a ‘skills shortage’ in Australia, then it could be because highly qualified candidates are not being considered for leadership positions as they come from outside the industry.

Written by Bruce Carlos02 Aug. 12 13:30

Work anywhere, win anywhere

They are coming — the invasion of mobile devices has begun. The four little letters that are keeping many a CIO awake at night are BYOC, or bring your own computing, aka bring your own device. And 2012 will be the biggest year yet for this new kind of mobility.

Written by Bruce Carlos03 Feb. 12 07:36

Seven key imperatives of full spectrum leadership

Let’s open the aperture for a more expansive view towards a ‘full spectrum’ approach to deep consciousness within a framework that combines seven imperatives of leadership.

Written by Bruce Carlos14 April 11 15:27

Full spectrum leadership

The business sky is clear, the view expansive and the opportunities are boundless. You want to be more than a great leader, to burst from effective management to full spectrum leadership where you will use your deeper insight and sharpened skills to change behaviours, build leadership and achieve outstanding results.

Written by Bruce Carlos14 April 11 15:09

Information assurance in 2010 and beyond

Information assurance provides certainty that information is reliable, secure, private and confidential, yet available for the business. It encompasses disciplines of information security, information management, risk management, business continuity management and the retention and effective use of employee knowledge. Robustly implemented, information assurance ensures accuracy and protection of information.

Written by Bruce Carlos01 Nov. 10 10:11

A government CIO 2.0 construct

Public sector CIOs are being challenged by one of the sector’s greatest operational reforms. The Victorian Government will face significantly greater and continuing challenges unless there is some consistency in CIO roles in departments and agencies (D&As) and a robust governance framework to manage CenITex, the Government Services Division (GSD) and D&As’ expectations.

Written by Bruce Carlos03 June 10 10:21

The pros and cons of Cloud Computing: a CIO’s view

Cloud Computing is coming to your neighbourhood, and market competition soon will demand that you give it attention, because its likely rapid growth will bring large benefits for enterprises.

Written by Bruce Carlos15 June 09 09:01