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Stories by Bernard Golden

How OpenStack should prepare itself for the enterprise

With major vendors such as Dell, HP, IBM and RackSpace throwing their weight behind OpenStack, the project is poised to be a preeminent private cloud player. But discussions at the recent OpenStack Summit show that the project does have some growing up to do before it gets there.

Written by Bernard Golden22 April 13 14:15

Opinion: What Cloud computing means for the future of IT organisations

It's remarkable how the tone at Cloud Connect in Silicon Valley has changed over the years. The conference has turned from cheerleading to nuts and bolts. This means it's less fun, but it's also more grounded in the day-to-day realities of implementing change instead of envisioning utopia.

Written by Bernard Golden09 April 13 20:56

Does Big Data spell the end of business intelligence as we know it?

Traditional BI requires human input to decide what correlated factors to query. As predictive data analytics gets increasingly powerful, the algorithms do the deciding. That spells the end of BI as columnist Bernard Golden knows it - and he doesn't feel fine about it.

Written by Bernard Golden26 March 13 22:26

VMware Tantrum Shows It's Not Connecting With Cloud Buyers or Sellers

At a recent partner conference, VMware executives threw a fit about the firm's inability to 'own corporate workload' and its partners' inability to beat a 'bookseller' at the cloud computing game. The outbursts show is that VMware isn't connecting with application groups, who are increasingly driving cloud buying decisions.

Written by Bernard Golden07 March 13 15:25

Ensure Cloud Application Resilience the Netflix Way

These days, there's no such thing as a stable system, especially in the cloud. But most outages can be blamed on application architecture, not infrastructure. To combat this, do what Netflix does: Put your apps through a ringer that breaks them and fix your software before your customers suddenly can't use it.

Written by Bernard Golden19 Feb. 13 14:37

How Cloud Computing Is Driven by Mobile, Media and Marketing

Defenders of enterprise computing are in for a rude awakening. Mobile, media and marketing applications are poised to flock to the cloud, which is far better suited to handle load variability, latency and change management. As end users and executives demand more flexibly business applications, they will soon follow suit.

Written by Bernard Golden07 Feb. 13 17:02

Gartner Cloud Computing Magic Quadrant Pits AWS Against the World

Say what you will about Gartner Magic Quadrants, but there's little doubt that IT organizations use them to evaluate technology. The firm's last two analyses of the cloud service provider place Amazon Web Services head and shoulders about the rest. Will other CSPs adapt--or die?

Written by Bernard Golden14 Jan. 13 14:21

5 Cloud Computing Trends That Will Be Big in 2013

Will 2013 finally be the year executives stop worrying about cloud security and actually start looking at their bills from cloud service providers? Columnist Bernard Golden thinks so. He has four other cloud computing predictions for 2013, too.

Written by Bernard Golden19 Dec. 12 14:23

Forrester Outlines How IT Organizations Will Control the Cloud

Developers love the cloud because it makes their jobs easier. Rather than fight this trend, and risk obsolescence, Infrastructure and Operations should accept it. A recent Forrester Research report offers five hints for controlling the cloud without stifling developer innovation.

Written by Bernard Golden13 Dec. 12 14:13

Amazon Goes All In With Data Warehousing at AWS Conference

The first day of the first Amazon Web Services user conference, known as re: Invent, focused on the way customers are using services such as S3 and CloudFront. Meanwhile, the company unveiled RedShift, which CIO.com columnist Bernard Golden thinks will disrupt the data warehousing market and challenge IBM, Oracle and Teradata.

Written by Bernard Golden29 Nov. 12 19:00

Cloud security not really slowing IT adoption

Cloud security has been discussed ad nauseum for years, and it's often cited as the biggest barrier to enterprise cloud adoption. Such conversations are misguided and ignore the larger challenge of cloud adoption: accommodating developers.

Written by Bernard Golden20 Nov. 12 13:47

The Amazon Outage in Perspective: Failure Is Inevitable, So Manage Risk

The most recent Amazon Web Services outage left customers (and rival cloud providers) blaming Amazon. Instead, CIO.com columnist Bernard Golden says, everyone needs to accept that cloud computing is not immune to failure. Fortunately, a key advantage of the cloud -- cheap, easy redundancy -- will help mitigate the risk of an outage.

Written by Bernard Golden01 Nov. 12 13:13

As Mobile Grows, So Does Cloud Computing

As PC sales decline and smartphone and tablet sales climb, the world of computing is poised for a dramatic shift. While mobile users do, in fact, 'compute' with their devices, application data and functionality actually reside in the cloud. To accommodate this, columnist Bernard Golden says, the cloud will have to grow in ways that few can currently comprehend.

Written by Bernard Golden23 Oct. 12 14:04

Cloud computing pushes vendors to seek new roles in IT value chain

Cloud adoption means that companies are increasingly signing pay-as-you-go SLAs and renting servers. This means traditional software and hardware vendors must dramatically reconsider their business models, columnist Bernard Golden says.

Written by Bernard Golden11 Oct. 12 13:03