Stories by Bernard Golden

How to track cost allocation for cloud apps

One of the most interesting aspects of cloud computing is the way it changes cost allocation over the lifetime of an application. Many people understand that pay-as-you go is an attractive cost model, but fail to understand the implications that the new cost allocation model imposes on IT organisations.

Written by Bernard Golden25 Sept. 12 22:01

History, IT innovation and the pace of change

A visit to the English countryside gave columnist Bernard Golden the chance to see Roman ruins, a medieval church and a replica of the first supercomputer. It wasn't until he returned home and saw a driverless car on a California freeway that the scale of innovation he witnessed while sightseeing became clear.

Written by Bernard Golden06 Sept. 12 12:39

'Big security' a natural, necessary extension of big data

Big data is poised to grow well beyond the enterprise - and anything we can imagine today. Think of how the assembly line changed the automobile and, consequently, our lives. Keeping big data secure will require an equally innovative approach. columnist Bernard Golden calls it 'big security,' and he doesn't think the industry is ready for it yet.

Written by Bernard Golden23 Aug. 12 18:40

How the Cloud Brings Developers into Business Process

The disruptive innovation that is the cloud has given developers significantly more influence than they, and their organizations, are used to having. This means the agile, sometimes unstructured world of the developer is increasingly coming into contact with more rigid business groups. Making everyone happy may mean reengineering IT processes.

Written by Bernard Golden07 Aug. 12 13:11

Different Cloud Survey, Same Cloud Adoption Concerns

The Uptime Institute, a well-known and -respected organization that focuses on data center best practices and economics, recently released its 2012 Data Center Survey (registration required).

Written by Bernard Golden01 Aug. 12 16:37

Amazon faces commodity cloud competition

Until recently, Amazon Web Services stood alone among commodity cloud service providers. Then Microsoft and Google stepped in. The world will never be the same, columnist Bernard Golden says.

Written by Bernard Golden23 July 12 14:42

Olympics website leans on open source, Akamai for winning results

Like the athletes themselves, the official website of the London 2012 Olympics gets only one chance to reach peak performance under intense pressure. To meet that demand, the site has been load tested to handle a million unique visitors per hour. Read what else columnist Bernard Golden learned from his conversation with the operations consultant behind the site.

Written by Bernard Golden26 June 12 20:10

Five ways Cloud computing is like open source

A decade ago, most IT departments denounced open-source software. Now they embrace the way that open source encourages innovation while saving money. The furor over cloud computing shows that history is repeating itself. The outcome should be the same, columnist Bernard Golden says.

Written by Bernard Golden14 June 12 18:38

Opinion: IT innovation won't be slowed by Cloud concerns

Those who continue to deem the Cloud "rogue IT" fail to see the forest for the trees, according to Bernard Golden. Institutions dead set in their ways should prepare to see smaller, more innovative firms embrace the cloud and race past them.

Written by Bernard Golden31 May 12 15:12

CIOs don't need to be business leaders

I have seen pieces asserting that future heads of IT will be from disciplines such as marketing or finance, since technology really isn't that important anymore. I've even seen analyses that say that CIOs no longer need to manage technically capable organizations because infrastructure is being offloaded to outsourcers and on-premise applications are being displaced by SaaS applications.

Written by Bernard Golden19 May 12 06:25

How to address Cloud application lifecycle challenges

Last week I wrote about the fact that IT organizations are now executing an "and" cloud computing strategy, in the sense that their future plans include (most likely) an internal cloud based on VMware and an external cloud (most likely Amazon Web Services).

Written by Bernard Golden09 May 12 01:40

Cloud computing done the Netflix way

I serve as the co-chairman of the SVForum Cloud and Virtualization SIG, based in Silicon Valley. Thanks to our location, we are able to call upon an array of innovative and interesting speakers and attract a sophisticated, knowledgeable audience.

Written by Bernard Golden06 April 12 08:46

Cloud computing calls for rebuilding enterprise IT

Everyone's had the experience of discussing a concept with someone and suddenly seeing the look of understanding appear on their face as the meaning of the concept sinks in. I engage in a lot of conversations with IT managers about cloud computing, and have encountered many interesting reactions.

Written by Bernard Golden22 March 12 09:23

CFOs and Cloud: A story of love and hate

Uncertainty and risk are associated with every choice we make. For CFOs, the choice is whether to accept a level of uncertainty to avoid higher levels that other choices might entail. There is little doubt that, in the long term, CFOs will develop comfort with the new financial model of on-demand payment and will also develop techniques to reduce the payment variability associated with that framework.

Written by Bernard Golden15 March 12 09:28