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Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Companies not using social nets at risk, report says

A majority of consumers want to interact with companies over social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but only 30 per cent of businesses are prepared for it, according to a survey.

Written by Sharon Gaudin16 July 10 06:52

Facebook slammed again over privacy

Just when it seemed that Facebook's privacy tumult was quieting down, more fuel was added to the fire this week.

Written by Sharon Gaudin18 June 10 06:02

Google's new Bing-like look disappears

Only hours after launching vibrant background imagery on its homepage, Google stripped the page back to its usual stark white.

Written by Sharon Gaudin11 June 10 05:23

Facebook hopes new privacy page can quell unrest

In an attempt to quell increasing <a href="http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9177254/Facebook_CEO_says_mistakes_made_privacy_changes_coming">privacy concerns</a> among its users, Facebook this week launched a new page aimed at helping them better protect personal information posted on the social network.

Written by Sharon Gaudin05 June 10 04:29

Facebook's Zuckerberg re-ignites privacy brouhaha

The folks at Facebook just might be wishing today that CEO Mark Zuckerberg just hadn't ... well, said anything about privacy yesterday at the Wall Street Journal 's All Things Digital conference.

Written by Sharon Gaudin04 June 10 06:17