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Stories by Sharon Gaudin

NASA astronauts attach Russian module to space station

NASA astronauts today successfully attached a Russian-built research module to the International Space Station during the second spacewalk scheduled for the space shuttle <a href="http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9176803/Shuttle_i_Atlantis_i_launches_on_its_last_mission">Atlantis' final mission</a> .

Written by Sharon Gaudin19 May 10 06:47

NASA: After 30 years and 115 million miles, space shuttle program nears the end

Nearly 30 years and 115 million miles after NASA launched its first <a href="http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/shuttle/shuttlemissions/sts132/multimedia/gallery/Padam.html">space shuttle</a> , the agency is preparing for the launch of Atlantis -- the final mission for the trusty spacecraft.

Written by Sharon Gaudin14 May 10 04:46

Twitter wipes out followers to kill bug

For all the Twitterers who were fretting about where their followers went earlier today, fear not. They're back.

Written by Sharon Gaudin11 May 10 05:18

Chip industry to see 'remarkable' growth this year

After several years of suffering through a deep economic slump, the worldwide semiconductor industry is about to hit a high-water mark, signaling a rejuvenation of the industry.

Written by Sharon Gaudin07 May 10 07:56

NASA: Asteroids might have brought water to Earth

The discovery of water ice on the surface of an asteroid has NASA scientists conjecturing that asteroids and comets could have delivered enough water to a primordial Earth to fill its oceans.

Written by Sharon Gaudin30 April 10 06:02

HP chip discovery could be a tech 'game changer'

Hewlett-Packard is taking the wraps off a new technology that analysts say could be "a major game changer" for computers and personal devices.

Written by Sharon Gaudin09 April 10 07:29