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Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Analysts warn Google not to lose focus amid success

As Google's earnings and optimism continue to rise, analysts are cautioning the Internet giant to beware of taking costly missteps with its bankroll and its focus.

Written by Sharon Gaudin21 Oct. 09 06:01

IBM using nanotech to read DNA, personalize medicine

Scientists at IBM are using a combination of nanotechnology and microchips to map out personal genetic code that could make significantly improve the process of diagnosing and treating diseases.

Written by Sharon Gaudin07 Oct. 09 06:59

Google Wave could prove a threat to Facebook, Twitter

As the most influential Web company gets closer to throwing its hat into the social networking ring, there has to be some consternation in the offices of social network pioneers like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, analysts say.

Written by Sharon Gaudin01 Oct. 09 05:20

Nanotech used to build cancer-detecting microchip

University researchers have used nanomaterials to develop a microchip they say has enough sensitivity to detect early stage cancer when it is most treatable.

Written by Sharon Gaudin29 Sept. 09 04:13

Bing gains more ground in search war with Google

Microsoft's Bing continues to show strength as comScore Inc. is set to report this afternoon that the new search engine increased its share of the competitive market by 4.5% between July and August. Bing held a 9.3% share of the market at the end of August to hold third place, according to comScore.

Written by Sharon Gaudin23 Sept. 09 08:24

Swimming robot mimics Amazonian fish

Taking a cue from nature, university researchers have built a swimming robot that is powered by a fin instead of a more boat-like propeller.

Written by Sharon Gaudin22 Sept. 09 07:16

Twitter withstands second DDoS attack in a week

Less than a week after Twitter was shuttered by a highly publicized distributed denial-of-service attack, the microblogging site was hit by hackers again late yesterday.

Written by Sharon Gaudin13 Aug. 09 08:50

Google bolsters its video with On2 buy

Google has shelled out more than $US100 million for a company that builds video compression technology, a move at least one analyst calls a very smart buy for the money.

Written by Sharon Gaudin06 Aug. 09 04:59