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Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Will Apple ditch Intel for ARM?

Online speculation is starting to pick up speed that Apple is looking to ditch Intel chips and move to ARM-based processors for its Mac line of laptops.

Written by Sharon Gaudin07 May 11 05:24

Intel's 3D transistor fuels tablet fight with ARM

Intel's new 3D transistor technology should position the chip maker to grab hold of a piece of the burgeoning tablet market that it's been missing out on.

Written by Sharon Gaudin06 May 11 07:28

Amazon gets 'black eye' from cloud outage

For a company that's known as the dominant player in the cloud market, Amazon's troubles on Thursday means a black eye for the company and for the cloud in general.

Written by Sharon Gaudin22 April 11 10:16

NASA says Endeavour won't launch before May 8

After calling off last Friday's planned final launch of the space shuttle Endeavour, NASA now says the earliest it might lift off is May 8.

Written by Sharon Gaudin03 May 11 05:18

Twitter hits record on news of bin Laden's death

Before President Barack Obama officially informed the country and the world that terrorist leader Osama bin Laden had been killed, Facebook and Twitter were lit with news and celebratory postings.

Written by Sharon Gaudin03 May 11 05:51

NASA's Endeavour set for final space flight

Barring bad weather, NASA's space shuttle Endeavour is prepped and ready to blast off on its final journey into space this afternoon.

Written by Sharon Gaudin30 April 11 01:33

Facebook helps tornado victims find lost items

A graduation announcement. A page torn from a calendar, noting a father's birthday. Tattered pictures of children. An ultrasound image of an unborn baby.

Written by Sharon Gaudin30 April 11 06:13

Programmer-turned-astronaut to lift off on NASA's Endeavour

Mission Specialist Gregory Chamitoff settles in aboard the space shuttle Endeavour during the Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test on Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. (Photo courtesy of NASA) One of the six men lifting off onboard NASA's space shuttle Endeavour Friday is a computer programmer who built software for spacecraft before becoming an astronaut.

Written by Sharon Gaudin29 April 11 04:55

Yahoo email suffers partial outage

Yahoo's email service was struggling Thursday with users around the globe complaining that they've had no access for most of the day.

Written by Sharon Gaudin29 April 11 06:40

Royal wedding could be royal pain for IT

If your corporate network starts to get a bit sluggish Friday, you might have to blame Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Written by Sharon Gaudin29 April 11 06:19

Google's new CEO won't change stance on China

Google's stance on doing business in China isn't going to change because Larry Page has replaced Eric Schmidt as the company's CEO.

Written by Sharon Gaudin27 April 11 03:53