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Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Revamped Twitter.com site takes flight

In an effort to refresh the Twitter.com site, pull users back in from third-party platforms -- and take a swipe at Facebook -- Twitter launched a significant site redesign on Tuesday.

Written by Sharon Gaudin16 Sept. 10 03:49

Intel opens app store, unveils Atom chips

SAN FRANCISCO -- Intel kicked off the second day of its developers conference by officially launching its app store and rolling out new Atom processors.

Written by Sharon Gaudin15 Sept. 10 05:30

Intel pushes itself beyond the chip

Intel CEO Paul Otellini kicked off the company's annual IDF conference today by announcing that Intel is on track to ship a 22-nanometer processor in 2011.

Written by Sharon Gaudin14 Sept. 10 04:31

Facebook, Twitter imposters may be outlaws in Calif.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature on a bill passed by state legislators last month would make it illegal to impersonate someone on Facebook or Twitter there.

Written by Sharon Gaudin10 Sept. 10 06:34

Microsoft's big Bing theory targets Google

With Microsoft and Yahoo officially teaming up in the search market this week, it's time to wait and see if this move could eat into Google's hearty lead over its top opponents.

Written by Sharon Gaudin26 Aug. 10 20:05

MIT builds swimming, oil-eating robots

MIT researchers have used nanotechnology to develop a robot that can autonomously navigate across the surface of the ocean to clean up an oil spill.

Written by Sharon Gaudin27 Aug. 10 07:00

Google tests instant search feature

The Internet is abuzz with talk about a new search feature that Google has been trying out.

Written by Sharon Gaudin24 Aug. 10 06:08

Intel moves beyond 'just the chip' with McAfee buy

After trying to push its way into the increasingly lucrative consumer electronics market for the last few years, Intel hopes that adding a security offering will be just what the market needs.

Written by Sharon Gaudin20 Aug. 10 05:45