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Stories by Keith Shaw

Cool Yule tools: Lessons learned

This issue of Network World features the 2010 edition of Cool Yule Tools. For the last 11 years, I've been collecting, reviewing and highlighting the coolest electronic (and geeky) products for the holiday season. This year is no different; we tried more than 140 products and present our findings in print and online.

Written by Keith Shaw05 Nov. 10 03:08

Winter Games: Videogame your way through the Olympics

With the 2010 Winter Olympics about to begin in Vancouver, the eyes of the world will be on the athletes as they go for the gold. Most of the rest of us will be watching from our living rooms.

Written by Keith Shaw12 Feb. 10 07:36

Gadgets to help you lose weight

Vowing to lose weight is the New Year's Resolution that most of us make, and most of us break. But now technology is here to help, with several gadgets, Web sites and iPhone and other mobile device apps that aim to keep you on track. Here are a bunch of our favorite methods for losing weight through the magic of technology.

Written by Keith Shaw15 Jan. 10 12:46