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Stories by Robert L. Mitchell

Getting Green Out of the Data Center

Concerned about energy costs, IT organizations have begun to make significant changes to how their data centers are powered and cooled. But many IT departments haven't yet looked at saving energy throughout the rest of their companies' IT infrastructures. That's shortsighted. Although data centers may use more power per square foot, as a percentage of total power consumption, office equipment is the big kahuna.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell26 March 08 15:00

Seven Steps to a Green Data Centre

How green is your data centre? If you don't care now, you will soon. Most data centre managers haven't noticed the steady increase in electricity costs, since in most cases they don't see those bills. But they do see the symptoms of surging power demands.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell25 June 07 13:54

New Twist on LCD Displays

Over the next 10 years, thin-film polymers and other flexible substrates could change how people think about and use displays. In the future, you may "print out" reports to sheets of e-paper: flexible polymer displays about as thick as a sheet of paper that can be spread out on a desk for easy comparison and analysis and then reused when the work is done.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell26 April 07 16:25