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Stories by Christopher Koch

How to Get the Most from SOA

Service-oriented architecture, or SOA, has moved from buzzword of the moment to a concept that has absorbed the attention of CIOs at enterprises large and small (but mainly large). According to our State of the CIO 2007, 19 percent of local respondents were already working on their SOA, 15 percent were planning to start this year and 22 percent defined it as a long-term goal

Written by Christopher Koch02 Oct. 07 11:25

Divide and Conquer

IT is splitting up. It's not petty squabbling that's causing the break-up. No, this is a sign of maturity. CIOs in larger organizations are dividing their staffs into two major groups: one that negotiates with the business on IT strategy and IT project choices and manages the delivery of those projects (among other management consulting-type duties), and a second group that manages the infrastructure and delivers new applications (among other traditional tactical IT duties)

Written by Christopher Koch06 Aug. 07 13:22

IT Builds a Better Idea

Innovation in big companies has always been treated like gold - hidden deep inside secret vaultlike labs and protected from everyone except the researchers in lab coats. When products or services emerge from the labs after years of development - and just one in a hundred does - they fail most of the time.

Written by Christopher Koch03 April 07 13:52

Capturing the Elements of Innovation

Procter & Gamble is famous for being innovative, but the hard truth is that it had better be. The company spends 3.4 percent of its revenue on R&D, more than twice the average of 1.6 percent in the consumer packaged goods industry. But big spending on R&D does not guarantee success: A study by consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton found no correlation between dollars spent on R&D and profitability. What matters is the productivity of that spend - the "hit rate" of ideas that lead to products.

Written by Christopher Koch27 Feb. 07 10:53

The New Science of Change

Kevin Sparks has been trying to get his staff to change the way it monitors and supports the data centre for the past year. But he hasn't been getting anywhere.

Written by Christopher Koch09 Oct. 06 11:50

The Truth About SOA

We pour some cold water on the hype and answer your questions about why, how and when you should (or should not) start thinking about implementing a service-oriented architecture.

Written by Christopher Koch07 July 06 16:19

The Post-Modern Manifesto

The service-fulfilment model for IT is dying. A new philosophy of innovation and productivity is being born. Here's what CIOs need to do to usher in a new age of IT

Written by Christopher Koch05 June 06 09:00

The Metrics Trap. . . And How to Avoid It

Calculating IT spending as a percentage of overall revenue is easy, popular . . . and misleading. There's gotta be a better way.
In fact, there are several

Written by Christopher Koch05 May 06 10:58

Free Code For Sale: The New Business of Open Source

Open source could become a vital piece of enterprise infrastructures. Open source development is becoming a moneymaking proposition. And now understanding the companies that sell and the communities that create open source code is becoming a critical part of the CIO's job.

Written by Christopher Koch05 April 06 16:23

Integration's New Strategy

Old concepts and new technologies have recently converged to generate a new strategy to improve IT responsiveness while reducing integration costs. It's the integration layer, and it may put an end to all those complaints about IT's slowness and inflexibility

Written by Christopher Koch11 Oct. 05 12:57

Don't Export Security

Sure, you can save money by working with an outsourcing vendor in a faraway land. But don't trust the outsourcer to install the right security protections. Follow these best practices to verify that your relationship is cost-effective and safe.

Written by Christopher Koch22 June 05 12:18

A New Blueprint For the Enterprise

Enterprise architecture is not just about mapping and standardizing hardware and software any more. Now it's about services, events and - get this - good old ROI.

Written by Christopher Koch08 April 05 12:30

HP's Supply Chain Lesson

Good project management isn't enough; CIOs need a worst-case contingency plan for the business.

Written by Christopher Koch23 Feb. 05 12:37

Innovation Ships Out

US computer makers such as Dell, Motorola and HP are outsourcing not just the manufacture but the design of new products to offshore companies. Could this be the end of America's innovative edge in electronics?

Written by Christopher Koch31 Jan. 05 15:44

How Verizon Flies by Wire

The old dream of dashboards has new life. Here's how to make them work for you.

Written by Christopher Koch07 Dec. 04 14:08