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Stories by Christopher Koch

The Sarbox Conspiracy

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance efforts are eating up CIO time and budgets. Worse, CIOs are being relegated to a purely tactical role.
And that may be the CFO's plan

Written by Christopher Koch12 July 04 12:13

Nike Rebounds

How (and Why) Nike Recovered from Its Supply Chain Diaster

Written by Christopher Koch12 July 04 10:54

Hand Over Security

Physical and information security have been converging, often under the control of IT. But companies are increasingly moving the role of policing security out of IT and into the hands of an independent CSO. Here's why you should consider doing the same.

Written by Christopher Koch10 May 04 11:41

AT&T Wireless Self-Destructs

The story of a botched CRM upgrade that cost the telco thousands of new customers and an estimated $US100 million in lost revenue. Hard lessons learned.

Written by Christopher Koch10 May 04 10:40

Bursting the CMM Hype

CIOs want to do business with offshore companies with high CMM ratings. But some outsourcers exaggerate and even lie about their Capability Maturity Model scores.

Written by Christopher Koch11 March 04 13:21

Strategy in Action

US CIO executive editor Christopher Koch sat down with Kaplan, Harvard Business School professor and chairman of the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative (BSC), and Norton, president of BSC, to discuss strategy and its link to IT.

Written by Christopher Koch06 Feb. 04 09:42

The Future of Software

In 2010, CIOs will find themselves hostage to a few monopolistic vendors that keep software expensive and complex

Written by Christopher Koch06 Feb. 04 09:46


Are you putting on a little weight? Do you think no one understands you? Do you feel out of control?
Of course you do. Why should you be different from any other CIO? Here's why you need to stop,
take a look around and change your ways.

Written by Christopher Koch11 Sept. 03 13:41

Driving Lessons

Sue Unger defied the odds to become the CIO of an automotive giant despite her gender and status as a technology outsider. Here's how she did it

Written by Christopher Koch07 Aug. 03 10:31

IBM's New Hook

IBM's pitch that on-demand e-business will reduce IT costs and make everything work better sounds good, especially to CEOs who don't understand that the technologies to make it happen just don't exist.

Written by Christopher Koch14 July 03 11:18

Your Open Source Plan

Once a toy for geeks, open source is slowly but surely filtering into the enterprise and transforming the way software is designed, sold and supported. And any CIO without an open-source strategy in 2003 will be paying too much for IT in 2004.

Written by Christopher Koch11 April 03 10:30

Big [and not so big] Ideas for 2003

It's been a brutal couple of years. Terrorism, preparations for war, a clampdown on IT spending, corporate scandal and malfeasance - it's left us shell-shocked, hoping that whatever comes next has got to be better.
We think it will be.

Written by Christopher Koch05 Feb. 03 13:31

Enterprise Software Upgrades: Less Pain, More Gain

Upgrading software from one version to the next appears like a small step - after all, you're not ripping the stuff out and replacing it, you're just improving it a little bit - but Nextel senior vice president and CIO Dick LeFave finds himself about to step off a precipice with his Oracle ERP software upgrade.

Written by Christopher Koch09 Dec. 02 10:54