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Stories by Christopher Koch

Can You Do the WWW?

Your ERP system is up and running. Your business has been reengineered. But do you have e-commerce? Not yet if your vendor is SAP.

Written by Christopher Koch18 Oct. 99 10:52

Prepare for Takeoff

Think you know how to run a pilot project? Before you crash and burn, think again. Better yet, follow our checklist

Written by Christopher Koch09 Aug. 99 15:22

Diagnosis: Information Sickness

Confused? Losing things? Having difficulty communicating? Those are all symptoms of what's become an epidemic in the health care industry. The Internet may be a cure.

Written by Christopher Koch27 July 99 11:34

TransCanada Pipelines' Russ Wells

In July 1998 TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. merged with Nova Corp. Wells was charged with merging the two companies' IS departments into one.

Written by Christopher Koch16 June 99 13:49

The Call to Enterprise

To take advantage of the critical role IT plays in business today, the CIO's mission needs to be more broadly defined. And so does the CIO.

Written by Christopher Koch16 June 99 13:49

The challenge of being a nontechie CIO

Spotlight On C. Lee Jones, vice president of information management and technology for Abbott Laboratories Inc.'s pharmaceutical products division, Abbott Park, Ill.

Written by Christopher Koch18 May 99 13:32

A Whole New Ballgame (Sort of)

It's Opening Day and the grand old game is being dragged into the Information Age, not always willingly. But IT is surely changing baseball from a game of intuition and heart into one of research and analysis.

Written by Christopher Koch20 April 99 14:01

Staying Alive

In-house application development is a dwindling phenomenon, thanks in part to the growing supply of packaged software. To survive, IT groups must undergo a transformation.

Written by Christopher Koch22 Feb. 99 13:12

The Middle Ground

Will dependent data marts strike a balance between huge data warehouse rollouts and piecemeal data mart implementations?

Written by Christopher Koch25 Jan. 99 13:08


Spending a bundle on smart, hard-working consultants won't guarantee you'll get what you paid for. Just ask the Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust, which wound up taking its consultants to court - twice.

Written by Christopher Koch09 Nov. 98 10:06

Lump it and Like it

As perhaps the world's first project manager, Noah had a tough challenge on his hands, what with all the intangibles -- bad weather, a mercurial boss -- and the need to manage an extremely diverse set of stakeholders. Yet for all the difficulties, 40 days and nights was nothing compared to a typical enterprise resource planning (ERP) software installation.

Written by Christopher Koch25 Sept. 97 16:16