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Stories by John Moore

Business Intelligence Meets Mobility at eHarmony

Mobility is hardly new in enterprise circles. Businesses are busily building mobile apps for in-house use and for customers, while the task of managing employees' mobile devices absorbs many companies' CIOs.

Written by John Moore12 Nov. 14 02:03

How End-to-End MDM Leaves Rollins With One Less Pest to Control

For many enterprises, a mobility strategy means fine-tuning customer-facing apps. Other companies, however, aim to take their in-house mobility management to the next level. Rollins, an Atlanta-based company that provides pest control services through 10 subsidiaries, including Orkin, recently selected a service provider to provide end-to-end mobile device management.

Written by John Moore12 Nov. 14 02:02

Is it time to move your databases to the Cloud?

Akamai Technologies, an engineering-heavy company that delivers a sizable chunk of the Internet's total traffic every day, is generally inclined to solve its technology challenges in house. Corey Scobie, vice president for Open Platform at Akamai, summarizes the company's default engineering culture and philosophy as, simply, "We should built it."

Written by John Moore08 Oct. 14 01:48

How WebRTC Is Making Enterprise Inroads

Jeff Singman operates two brick-and-mortar specialty toy stores in New Jersey and has wanted to provide an ecommerce website as well. Singman says his two Toy Genius stores, which he co-owns with his wife, offer shoppers a high level of product knowledge and customer service to stand out from other toy sellers. Employees wear lab coats and demonstrate products for customers. Gift wrapping is free of charge.

Written by John Moore10 July 14 22:51

Business Intelligence Takes to Cloud for Small Businesses

Long the purview of deep-pocketed enterprises, business intelligence software is increasingly making its way into small-and medium-sized businesses. These firms credit cloud technology, which tends to be both cheaper and easier to manage than on-premises BI systems.

Written by John Moore04 June 14 23:52

CTO Says Cloud Services Earn Vote of International Election Monitoring Group

The National Democratic Institute has workers in 65 countries -- not all of them friendly. To support its growing global mission, and to improve efficiency without buying more hardware, the nonpartisan nonprofit has spent the last four years migrating to the cloud.

Written by John Moore02 May 14 04:24

How responsive website design helps boost revenue

Carsales.com, Australia's top online automotive classified site, is helping its independent dealers make the switch to sites built with responsive design in mind. Revenue is up, the company says, in part because of increased traffic from mobile devices.

Written by John Moore11 March 14 12:41

Business Process Management Provides Agility in Lean Times

When financial times are tough, the capability to streamline business processes, improve efficiency and achieve agility would appeal to any company. That's why firms today are increasingly finding new and sometimes unique ways to use BPM tools.

Written by John Moore10 Dec. 13 20:58

How Load Balancing Is Playing a Bigger Role in Tech Transitions

Load balancing isn't just for websites that expect surges in traffic any more. Companies of all sizes, and in all verticals, find load balancing an effective way to address disaster recovery, scalability, failover and application virtualization needs.

Written by John Moore19 Nov. 13 13:43

Growth in Teleradiology Studies Spurs SAN Upgrade

As a virtual radiology firm saw its workload nearly triple, storage performance suffered. That, in turn, impacted the underlying database, to the point that maintenance jobs overlapped. Rather than rewrite the database, Virtual Radiologic opted to upgrade it SAN -- and saw latency drop dramatically.

Written by John Moore28 Oct. 13 14:54

ERP Systems Provide Visibility Into Food Safety

As food production gets increasingly complicated, food manufacturers often struggle to track products from raw materials to packaged goods -- and, in the event of a recall, from packaged goods to raw materials. Even those with automated quality systems often find it hard to integrate supply chain data. That's why some food makers are turning to specialized ERP systems.

Written by John Moore01 Oct. 13 20:07

Cloud ERP Helps Company Track Inventory, Increase Sales

Implementing cloud-based ERP software wasn't exactly a nuts-and-bolts deployment for FMW Fasteners, as the software needed specific fastener manufacturing industry functionality. Experience rolling our cloud CRM helped, as did an experienced consultant. Now FMW's cloud ERP gains are boosting the firm's ecommerce prospects.

Written by John Moore05 Sept. 13 12:48