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Stories by John Moore

Medicaid Expansion, Insurance Exchanges Taxing State Health Agencies

Dual deadlines for implementing new health insurance exchanges and enrolling Americans now eligible for Medicaid is leaving IT departments at state health agencies scrambling to update legacy systems while integrating them with new applications. Not surprisingly, some are opting for phased rollouts.

Written by John Moore29 Aug. 13 19:16

How to Support Mobile App Development in Your Organization

As consumers eschew desktops and laptops for smartphones and tablets, organizations are increasingly tasked with developing apps for those mobile devices. These apps can be harder to manage than their Web-based brethren, but agile development methods can help ease the pain.

Written by John Moore13 Aug. 13 19:48

How CPQ Systems Boost Sales Automation and CRM

Configure, price and quote systems are designed to speed up and automate the sales cycle--all in the name of improving customer relationship management. CPQ systems can be complex, but the firms who deploy them do see results.

Written by John Moore30 July 13 19:07

Why SaaS HR Software Is Ready to Take Off

It's estimated that 90 percent of Fortune 1000 companies plan to replace their human resources management software in the next four years. Many are replacing these legacy on-premises systems--some of which date back to the 1960s--with cloud-based HR systems. On top of hardware savings, enterprises using SaaS HR say they spend less on support.

Written by John Moore09 July 13 14:09

In-Memory Technology Speeds Up Data Analytics

Long the purview of financial firms looking for an edge as they make lightning-fast transactions, in-memory technology is starting to catch the attention of many firms that conduct real-time analysis.

Written by John Moore26 June 13 13:02

Healthcare's Accountable Care Organizations Face Daunting IT Task, Deadlines

Outlined in the Affordable Care Act, the ACO model aims to link hospitals, physician networks, acute care facilities and other organizations in an effort to provide more coordinated care that in turn reduces costs. But ACOs must address four key IT challenges before a strict government deadlines impose financial penalties.

Written by John Moore03 June 13 14:14

ESB Persists As Application Integration Tool

The tried-and-true enterprise service bus--long the foundation of now-dated service oriented architecture deployments--is back in style thanks to the increasing need to integrate disparate applications. The secret to ESB's future success, some say, is a close tie to API management tools.

Written by John Moore15 May 13 12:50

Will Fault Tolerant Servers Improve Your Virtualized Environment?

Companies are turning to fault tolerant servers as a way to improve uptime without experiencing the downtime associated with high availability solutions. But fault tolerant technology may not be right for every enterprise.

Written by John Moore30 April 13 12:39

Giving Enterprise Software a Social Makeover Attracts Users

When it comes to developing enterprise applications, organizations are increasingly realizing that user experience is as important as functionality. In response, vendors are taking a more agile approach to building those apps in order to better meet users' needs.

Written by John Moore16 April 13 14:25

How to Overcome SharePoint Performance Headaches

Microsoft SharePoint is increasingly becoming a victim of its own success: As more departments start to use it, bottlenecks occur and performance suffers. To combat this, some companies are rolling out third-party storage systems that move large data sets off SQL Server.

Written by John Moore03 April 13 13:40

Ignore Cloud Security Assessment at Your Own Risk

Companies that deploy software-as-a-service often don't know everything about the security provisions their SaaS providers and partners have in place. Experts say it's because they don't know what to ask, they don't know what to test and they no longer know what's standard for a cloud service provider contract.

Written by John Moore13 March 13 14:01

Virtualized Security Offers Challenges (But Not as Many as You Think)

Small and medium-sized businesses are beginning to find that virtualized network security isn't as different as physical network security as they thought. This makes cloud adoption simpler, but it also presents unique challenges.

Written by John Moore07 March 13 14:32

Flash Storage Offers Fast Path to VDI, Better App Performance

As traditional storage environments hinder application performance and increase latency, enterprises are turning to flash storage to improve performance and implement virtual desktop infrastructure. More widespread use of flash storage, though, may require vendors to be flexible with their pricing.

Written by John Moore19 Feb. 13 17:28

IT Service Management Moves to the Cloud

As organizations become decreasingly skeptical about the cloud, they are increasingly willing to outsource ITSM to a SaaS provider. Doing so lowers costs, improves flexibility and easily accommodates ITIL framework principles.

Written by John Moore05 Feb. 13 14:42