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Stories by Grant Gross

Online ad groups release new behavioral ad principles

Online consumers should get more information about what information is being tracked and collected for the purposes of behavioral advertising, and they should have more control over what data is being collected, according to new privacy principles released Thursday by four advertising trade groups.

Written by Grant Gross03 July 09 05:35

Gov't official: We're serious about cybersecurity this time

The U.S. White House is determined to follow through on its efforts to make cybersecurity a top priority, despite earlier government efforts that have fallen flat, a top official said Wednesday.

Written by Grant Gross02 July 09 01:30

EMC extends deadline for its Data Domain bid

EMC has extended from June 29 to July 10 the deadline on its US$1.8 billion offer to purchase all outstanding shares of storage backup vendor Data Domain, in an effort to entice Data Domain to abandon a deal with NetApp.

Written by Grant Gross30 June 09 00:19

Study: US sees 'broadband boom' this decade

The U.S. government should avoid making huge changes in its deregulatory telecom policies because consumers have seen a "broadband boom" since 2000, according to a new paper released Wednesday.

Written by Grant Gross25 June 09 02:56

Trade group: Free-to-obtain software has long-term costs

Government agencies looking to save money by using software with no up-front purchase cost should fully consider the long-term expenditures for using those products, a new report said.

Written by Grant Gross24 June 09 06:19

Bill would limit broadband fees based on use

A new bill in the U.S. House of Representatives would require large broadband providers to get permission from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission before rolling out broadband subscription fees based on bandwidth use.

Written by Grant Gross18 June 09 06:48

Cyber chief: Gov't needs to work better with companies

The U.S. government has significant work to do before it can better cooperate with the private sector and other governments to better protect cybersecurity, a government cybersecurity expert said.

Written by Grant Gross13 June 09 07:10

Experts: Gov't needs to spend more on cyber R&D

The U.S. government needs to spend more money on cybersecurity research and development and on education programs in order to fight a rising tide of attacks against government and private groups, cybersecurity experts told U.S. lawmakers.

Written by Grant Gross11 June 09 06:32

Opting out of targeted ads too hard, privacy advocates say

The online advertising industry and U.S. policy makers need to give online users more control over the collection of personal data and surfing habits beyond the traditional opt-out approach, some privacy advocates said Wednesday.

Written by Grant Gross04 June 09 04:49

Lawmakers: Keep ICANN oversight with US

Several U.S. lawmakers and an executive with the world's largest domain-name registrar called on the U.S. government to maintain oversight of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) after a major agreement between two expires in September.

Written by Grant Gross05 June 09 06:23

Obama's cybersecurity initiative wins praise

U.S. President Barack Obama's announcement Friday of a new cybersecurity push by the U.S. government won widespread praise from the technology industry, with many people saying his attention to the issue is a major step toward better securing the nation's computer networks.

Written by Grant Gross01 June 09 04:50

Cybersecurity groups pledge to work together

Three cybersecurity groups want to create a network of organizations and people focused on securing the Internet in an effort to combat malicious software.

Written by Grant Gross20 May 09 01:17

Paper: Consumer data helps fuel Internet economy

Online targeted advertising and the collection of consumer data are the fuel of Internet commerce, not the major privacy problems described by some advocates and U.S. lawmakers, according to a new paper.

Written by Grant Gross19 May 09 04:31

Tech industry split on cybersecurity regulations

Recent cybersecurity legislation introduced in the U.S. Congress seems to be creating a split in the tech community. Some security vendors say new regulations may be necessary, while a major tech association said it has major concerns about the legislation, called the Cybersecurity Act.

Written by Grant Gross05 May 09 07:03

Panel calls for national dialog on gov't cyberattacks

The U.S. needs to engage in a national dialog about its government's use of cyberattacks against other nations, and the government lacks a comprehensive policy about how and when it will engage in cyberwarfare, a new study says.

Written by Grant Gross01 May 09 09:43