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Stories by Grant Gross

Patent reform bill meets opposition during hearing

Efforts in the U.S. Congress to overhaul the nation's patent system are again running into objections from inventors, pharmaceutical companies and small technology companies, which say that current legislation could destroy the value of patents.

Written by Grant Gross01 May 09 10:11

US lawmakers target deep packet inspection in privacy bill

U.S. lawmakers plan to introduce privacy legislation that would limit how Internet service providers can track their users, despite reports that no U.S. ISPs are using such technologies except for legitimate security reasons.

Written by Grant Gross24 April 09 05:05

Group: Time for Obama's open gov't promises to be fulfilled

New U.S. President Barack Obama has taken good first steps toward making the U.S. government more open, but his administration's actions in the coming weeks will be critical in determining how transparent it intends to be, one open-government advocacy group said Tuesday.

Written by Grant Gross18 Feb. 09 04:59

Strike one against White House transparency

New U.S. President Barack Obama promised during his campaign to post all nonemergency legislation on WhiteHouse.gov before signing it as a way to allow the public to review and comment on it.

Written by Grant Gross30 Jan. 09 08:47

US high court refuses Internet age restrictions case

The US Supreme Court has refused to resurrect a law requiring Web sites containing "material harmful to minors" to restrict access based on age, presumably ending a 10-year fight over whether the law violated free speech rights.

Written by Grant Gross22 Jan. 09 06:46

Court orders White House to preserve e-mail

A US judge has ordered employees of President George Bush in the White House to search for and preserve e-mail messages on their workstations and other storage devices.

Written by Grant Gross16 Jan. 09 04:12

US Congress to push for net neutrality legislation

The US Congress will push for net neutrality legislation next year, even though the US Federal Communications Commission has acted against broadband providers that it found to block or slow Web content.

Written by Grant Gross14 Nov. 08 08:46

US gov't increasing efforts to fight ID theft, report says

The U.S. government has taken several steps to combat identity theft during the past two years, including increased prosecutions of criminals and decreased use of Social Security numbers to identify constituents, according to a report released Tuesday.

Written by Grant Gross22 Oct. 08 10:40

Where the US presidential candidates stand on tech issues

The 2008 presidential election gives CIOs and other IT executives a choice of two major-party candidates who are interested in technology-related issues. While the US economy and the war in Iraq have dominated the debate between Republican nominee Senator John McCain and Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama, they have also hit on such IT hot buttons as telecommunications and tech jobs.

Written by Grant Gross21 Oct. 08 07:40

FBI: Several nations eyeing US cyber targets

About two dozen nations have developed cyber-attack capabilities and have their eyes on targets inside the US government or businesses, the top cybercrime law enforcement official in the US said.

Written by Grant Gross16 Oct. 08 08:46

ACLU, EFF sue US gov't over mobile phone tracking

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) are asking a federal court to order the US Department of Justice to turn over records about the agency's tracking of mobile phone users.

Written by Grant Gross03 July 08 08:37

Judge: White House doesn't have to turn over e-mail records

The US Executive Office of the President doesn't have to turn over information on an alleged 10 million missing e-mail messages to a government watchdog group seeking information on how the e-mails were lost, a judge ruled Monday in the US.

Written by Grant Gross17 June 08 07:37

Survey: Open source gaining traction in US government

More than half of all US government executives have rolled out open-source software at their agencies, and 71 percent believe their agency can benefit from open-source software, according to a survey.

Written by Grant Gross05 Nov. 07 07:45