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Japan's Sharp updates 'analog' tablet after surprising success

Japan's Sharp makes multi-hued HD displays for iPhones and TVs, but it has had unexpected success at home with a simple, monochrome device it calls a "digital notepad," a small tablet with a lined screen and stylus for easily scribbling handwritten notes.

Written by Jay Alabaster25 July 13 10:26

HP, NEC to develop next-generation x86 servers

Hewlett Packard and Japan's NEC will expand their existing partnership to develop high-end x86-based servers for cloud and Web applications.

Written by Jay Alabaster22 July 13 10:09

Mount Fuji gets 4G

Japan's most famous mountain now has 4G coverage.

Written by Jay Alabaster11 July 13 10:16

Konami follows Nintendo as victim of illicit login attacks in Japan

Game maker Konami said one of its online portals has been hit by a mass of illicit login attempts, with attackers gaining access to over 35,000 accounts, just days after Nintendo revealed a similar attack on one of its sites.

Written by Jay Alabaster10 July 13 10:29

Nintendo wins court case to stop DS flashcart emulator sales

Nintendo has won a court case in Tokyo against sellers of illegal game emulators for its DS handheld console, part of its ongoing legal campaign to stamp out the products under toughened Japanese laws.

Written by Jay Alabaster10 July 13 10:29

Nintendo's fan site hit by illicit logins, 24,000 accounts accessed

Nintendo said a main fan site was hit by a wave of illicit login attempts in Japan over the last month, with attackers gaining access to nearly 24,000 accounts containing users' real names, addresses, phone numbers and emails information.

Written by Jay Alabaster08 July 13 07:24

Samsung predicts big earnings jump in Q2, still disappoints

Samsung Electronics predicted a big jump in profit for the second quarter compared to a year earlier, but the company's explosive growth is slowing amid signs its top end Galaxy smartphones are less popular than expected.

Written by Jay Alabaster05 July 13 08:11