Stories by Julian Bajkowski and Michael Crawford

Labor cools enthusiasm for Hotmail leaks

Less than three hours after launching a new Hotmail address to expose government waste, the Australian Labor Party has warned public servants to never use their work computers or e-mail addresses to send information to it.

Written by Julian Bajkowski and Michael Crawford29 July 05 12:07

Are your staff safe from vendors?

With pressure to rack up ever more sales and beef up their supply of IT talent, vendors are cherrypicking staff from their client base.

Written by Julian Bajkowski and Michael Crawford11 April 05 07:30

Highly sensitive laptops go missing

Employees of private and government organizations working with highly sensitive information are still failing to adequately secure laptops containing highly sensitive information, with a spate of recent robberies prompting a stiff warning from a former Australian intelligence chief.

Written by Julian Bajkowski and Michael Crawford06 Oct. 04 07:44

Defacement spree hits government sites

The IT security of Australian Web-hosting providers has come under serious question, with more than 30 state and local government Web sites defaced in the last six months – including the homepages of two locally hosted foreign diplomatic missions and the highly sensitive NSW Casino Control Board.

Written by Julian Bajkowski and Michael Crawford17 June 04 09:41