Stories by Niel Nickolaisen

How to make IT irreplaceable

We all know that, given the availability of hosted software and cloud options, going around IT is easier than ever. So how can we make sure that our IT service customers become our biggest fans and start to think of IT as irreplaceable?

Written by Niel Nickolaisen27 Jan. 12 11:12

Supreme Court Didn't Touch The Real Issue With Sarbox

My biggest beef with SOX has always been how the now-unconstitutional Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) let the auditing firms develop their own standards for what constituted "SOX compliance".

Written by Niel Nickolaisen30 June 10 21:38

Breaking the Project Management Triangle

The project management triangle of cost, time and scope all too often goes out the window once a project starts. The Purpose Alignment, or Nickolaisen Model, shatters the project management triangle and provides a more workable alternative.

Written by Niel Nickolaisen17 Nov. 09 11:23