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Stories by Jeff Bertolucci

Maybe Google won't quit China after all

Despite its recent threats to possibly shut down its China-based operations, Google may in fact keep some of its businesses open there.

Written by Jeff Bertolucci27 Jan. 10 10:16

Offbeat tech: The misfits of CES

A rechargeable tote back, a smartphone bracelet, snow goggles with an integrated digital camera to record your triumphs and tragedies, and more

Written by Jeff Bertolucci12 Jan. 10 12:22

E-Readers at $50: A Best Seller, Says Report

If you don't already own an e-book reader like the Amazon Kindle or Sony Reader, how much would you pay for one? For these devices to attain mass-market appeal, they'll need to be priced as low at US$50, according to a new report by Forrester Research.

Written by Jeff Bertolucci04 Sept. 09 09:05

Job Hunting 2.0: Get Social in a Down Economy

When Judi Wunderlich was laid off from her managerial position at recruiting firm Aquent in early March, she spent little time looking for work on traditional job sites such as CareerBuilder, Craigslist, and Monster. Instead, she turned to social and business networking sites.

Written by Jeff Bertolucci28 April 09 10:12

Jobs' departure ignites a firestorm of opinion

The sudden announcement that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking a medical leave of absence has the Web abuzz with ominous predictions, abrasive judgments, and maybe even a few conspiracy theories. It would appear that the ongoing-and certainly sad-saga of the iconic Jobs' health battles has raised hackles of many a blogger, with much of the ire directed at Apple's handling of the affair.

Written by Jeff Bertolucci16 Jan. 09 11:19