Stories by Stephanie Overby

Blog: Outsourcing to Bangalore? That's So 2002.

Bhubaneswar, Lucknow, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad- these are just a few of the new hot spots for outsourcing shops in India. Never heard them? Don't feel too bad. Yet.

Written by Stephanie Overby06 Nov. 07 11:08

What Price Innovation?

CIOs say they want more than the traditional "your mess for less" relationship with their outsourcing providers. And the providers want to market themselves as partners in innovation. So why isn't it happening?

Written by Stephanie Overby05 Nov. 07 13:44

Blog: India's Call Centers Face Talent Shortage

Could your sinking customer satisfaction numbers have something to do with the early closing time for bars in Bangalore? If your call center is based in India, they just might.

Written by Stephanie Overby25 Oct. 07 11:00

Order Takers to Innovators

When David Behen became IT director for Washtenaw County, Michigan, the department was little more than an order-taker. And not a very good one. It was kind of like the waiter who makes you wait, then brings the entree with the mains and brings you a bottle of Grange when you asked for a carafe of the house red

Written by Stephanie Overby02 Oct. 07 15:20

Blog: IBM Tries to Patent Offshoring

A recent patent application from IBM Global Services is making the email rounds in outsourcing circles -- and beyond.

Written by Stephanie Overby02 Oct. 07 12:41

Your World. . . Hacked

The call to Bob Bailey, an IT executive with a major US government contractor, came on an otherwise ordinary day in October 2003. "Why are you attacking us?" demanded the caller, an IT leader with a Silicon Valley manufacturer. He wanted to know why Bailey's company had launched a denial-of-service attack against his network

Written by Stephanie Overby02 Oct. 07 10:51

Blog: More Outsourcing Innovation Consternation

Some numbers from Forrester Research further illustrate the gap between expectation and reality when it comes to the level of innovation brought to bear by IT services providers.

Written by Stephanie Overby18 Sept. 07 11:01

Blog: Outsourcing's Innovation Crisis

It's a common scenario: the IT service provider meets all its SLAs and holds to all the pricing models... but the customer still isn't happy. Something just isn't right. As one outsourcing advisor describes it, "You look at the dashboard and everything is green. But you still feel red."

Written by Stephanie Overby10 Sept. 07 07:53

Blog: India Moving Down the Value Chain?

This week Wipro announced that it's snapping up U.S.-based infrastructure management provider InfoCrossing for $600 million.

Written by Stephanie Overby09 Aug. 07 14:33

Career Advice: The CIO Role in China

Today, having experience in China is a bonus. Tomorrow, it may become a necessity as China grows more and more central to the strategies of multinational corporations, both as supplier and customer

Written by Stephanie Overby01 Aug. 07 11:34

How to Turn Your Employees into Leaders

CIOs who want to succeed as business partners and strategists can't do it alone. Success requires unshackling the leaders within your IT organization and letting them run.

Written by Stephanie Overby15 May 07 14:56

Clean, Green Machines

Last year when Wendy Cebula was shopping for a new vehicle, energy efficiency and lower emissions topped her list of requirements, along with four-wheel drive (her family lives on a hill)

Written by Stephanie Overby07 May 07 14:36