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Stories by Meridith Levinson

Blog: What Would You Do to Save Your Job?

CEOs at the helm of financial services companies reeling from subprime mortgage losses are giving up their multimillion dollar bonuses to save their jobs. John Mack, the CEO of Morgan Stanley, announced during his company's fourth quarter 2007 earnings conference call on December 19 that he would give up his bonus. Unfortunately, the strategy doesn't always work.

Written by Meridith Levinson11 Jan. 08 11:14

2008: The Year Only the Strong IT Leaders Survive

More job opportunities exist for CIOs today than ever before, but more competition from business executives for those jobs and rigorous selection processes are making it harder to land them.

Written by Meridith Levinson21 Dec. 07 12:37

How to Network: 12 Tips for Shy People

Struggling to meet new people? Follow this common-sense advice for increasing your networking mojo and improving your chances of landing a job, customers, or investors.

Written by Meridith Levinson12 Dec. 07 10:25

7 Ways Technology Vendors Blow the Sales Pitch

The relationship between IT execs and vendors has always been fraught with conflict. Each party's divergent interests and motivations make it hard to find common ground. Despite the effort IT vendors and buyers put into patching their seemingly irreconcilable differences, the relationship still doesn't always work out

Written by Meridith Levinson05 Nov. 07 14:22

Blog: Prioritizing Leads in a Job Search

In a job search with so many variables and options, focusing your efforts to a few desired industries, then regions and finally firms is key to succeeding faster.

Written by Meridith Levinson26 Sept. 07 11:02

Blog: CIO of GoInternet.net Charged with Fraud

The CIO of defunct telemarketing firm GoInternet.net was charged with fraud on Friday, September 14, according to the Associated Press. Billy Light was charged with tricking potential customers into paying for web hosting and advertising services they hadn't signed up to buy. GoInternet.net president and CEO Tyron Barr and VP Neal Saferstein were also charged.

Written by Meridith Levinson18 Sept. 07 11:14

Blog: British Petroleum Hires GM North America CIO Dana Deasy

Dana Deasy is joining British Petroleum (BP) on October 1 as its CIO and group vice president of the company's IT function, Digital and Communications Technology (DCT). He will report to BP CFO Byron Grote and will be based in London. Deasy is currently wrapping up an 18 month tenure with General Motors where he has been serving as CIO of GM North America. His last day is September 14. Deasy joined the auto-maker in May 2006.

Written by Meridith Levinson11 Sept. 07 12:47

Blog: New CIOs at Qantas and Borders

Aussie Airline Qantas hired a new CIO who starts on September 17, 2007. Jamila Gordon was selected for her experience managing complex outsourcing arrangements.

Written by Meridith Levinson24 Aug. 07 12:26

Imagination at work

If necessity is the mother of invention, then capitalism is surely the mother of innovation. Five of this year's CIO 100 honorees were driven to develop unique applications of undeniably cool technologies by the almighty dollar (the need to make it and to save it).

Written by Meridith Levinson17 Aug. 06 00:04