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Stories by Meridith Levinson

Dire States

State budgets in the US are being hit harder than ever before, and state CIOs are having to slash and burn while maintaining high service levels. How do they do it?

Written by Meridith Levinson08 Aug. 03 11:46

Portal U

How to connect students, faculty, staff, alumni and businesses so that they can share the school's services, research and applications? Go for the gateway approach.

Written by Meridith Levinson25 Nov. 02 08:49

How to Grow Your B2B Network

Forget the 80/20 rule, and stop wasting money. You need to get the rest of your trading partners online to reap real return from e-commerce

Written by Meridith Levinson08 July 02 11:00

Mad As Hell

Analysts estimate that businesses end up spending billions for software that doesn't do what it's supposed to. Some CIOs are tired of playing the sap and are beginning to take action.

Written by Meridith Levinson19 Nov. 01 10:00

Harrah's Knows What You Did Last Night

While its competitors build volcanoes, sinking ships and replicas of the Eiffel Tower to lure customers, Harrah's is betting on a service-oriented strategy enabled by IT to win customers' loyalty. So far, the gamble is paying off.

Written by Meridith Levinson06 June 01 13:15

IT Workers of the World

Labor unions formed at Microsoft, IBM and Boeing. Will there be a May Day uprising in your cubes soon?

Written by Meridith Levinson11 May 01 12:36

The Money Pit

Could IT have prevented the largest, most expensive, most complex public works project in the history of the United States from becoming a byword for poor and possibly felonious project management?

Written by Meridith Levinson11 May 01 10:26

Case Study: The rise and fall of Digital Disrupters

At 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 17, Mohnish Pabrai, smartly dressed in a black pinstriped suit with a blue-on-blue striped shirt and a solid blue silk tie, entered the Norcross, Ga., headquarters of CheckFree Corp., a provider of electronic billing software. In the previous 11 months, Pabrai, the founder and CEO of Digital Disrupters, had visited countless corporate headquarters and had given dozens of presentations about his business. By now, his delivery was flawless. He was passionate about what he was doing. He believed in his company, his business model and the future of the Internet. But today, he seemed dazed. This morning, he had found out that the presentation he was about to give in CheckFree's boardroom would be an exercise in futility.

Written by Meridith Levinson16 March 01 13:35


Las Vegas is all about illusion. You put your money down, and the Strip promises a trip to a fantasyland that replaces reality with dazzle. That's just as true for the business side of things, and Harrah's Entertainment is the best example.

Written by Meridith Levinson01 Feb. 01 15:11

Customer Segmentation: Slices of Lives

Underneath the simple motto "know your customer" lies a tangle of systems, processes and huge data warehouses. Of course customer segmentation is hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

Written by Meridith Levinson31 Aug. 00 11:05

The Wages of SIM

BASF is turning its IS people into business people through a board game called Tango.

Written by Meridith Levinson30 June 00 14:26

Experience Required

In the view of Joseph Pine, experiences are replacing services as the basic economic offering. Here, he explains what this means for businesses and for CIOs

Written by Meridith Levinson27 April 00 12:13

Don't Stop Thinkin' About Tomorrow

Inventing the future isn't easy, but there are ways to diminish the uncertainty through scenario planning

Written by Meridith Levinson05 Jan. 00 17:17

Shop Talk

Tech Data's H. John Lochow on business-to-business e-commerce.

Written by Meridith Levinson24 Aug. 99 10:54