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Stories by Cara Garretson

How to add depth to your IT team's bench

The potential for losing tech talent is on the rise these days. Thanks to an uptick in IT hiring and an increase in retirements among baby boomers, your A-team employee lineup may be in danger.

Written by Cara Garretson23 Nov. 10 06:32

Balancing Generation Y preferences with security

As young adults who grew up on e-mail and online chat enter the workforce, they bring with them a set of newer technologies designed for rapid-fire communication and workplace personalization. Much of this technology may represent better, faster ways of getting a job done, but it also introduces a new round of security threats for corporate networks; and the decision to allow them or not must be made carefully.

Written by Cara Garretson30 Aug. 07 08:17

The Do's and Don'ts of Data Breaches

Believe it or not, a data breach isn't the worst thing that could happen to your organization. Reacting poorly to the incident could be, however.

Written by Cara Garretson19 June 07 14:42

The Importance of Vulnerability Research

Testing in-house and vendor-built software for security holes should be an enterprise priority, said a group of vulnerability research experts speaking on a panel at the Gartner IT Security Summit held in the US. But Rich Mogull, the Gartner analyst who hosted the panel, questioned how practical it would be for companies to dedicate the dollars and resources required for this testing

Written by Cara Garretson06 June 07 12:21

Gartner's Pescatore on Security

Following his keynote speech at the Gartner IT Security Summit in the US, Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst John Pescatore answered a few questions from Vic Wheatman, managing vice president at Gartner. Here are some excerpts from the interview

Written by Cara Garretson05 June 07 12:23

From Whac-A-Mole to Chess: The Maturing of Security

Companies that want to spend less of their IT budget on security and improve its effectiveness need to "bake in" security across their operations so it becomes a part of the business process, not an afterthought

Written by Cara Garretson05 June 07 12:10

Why spammers are like dogs

In January, Cisco announced plans to acquire IronPort Systems, maker of communications security appliances, citing synergies between Cisco's threat mitigation, communications, policy control, and management products and IronPort's messaging and Web protection products. This acquisition won't be like most of the ones Cisco makes, says Scott Weiss, the founder and CEO of IronPort, because IronPort won't be integrated into the networking giant but operated instead as a separate unit.

Written by Cara Garretson29 May 07 08:00

Green Storage Means Money Saved on Power

In a perfect world, you easily could rein in the rapidly increasing amount of power that storage systems consume just by telling users to stop stockpiling data. In the real world, you'd lose your job for suggesting that.

Written by Cara Garretson22 May 07 12:09

McAfee CEO ponders consolidation, Cisco threat

On Monday at 6 a.m., Dave DeWalt stood in front of McAfee's Plano, Texas, offices to greet employees with coffee, doughnuts and a handshake. "They were wondering, 'Who's the guy in the suit?'" says the former EMC vice president who became McAfee's CEO on April 2.

Written by Cara Garretson05 April 07 16:41

DOE's Federated Model aims to identify security threats

Argonne National Laboratory, a division of the Department of Energy (DOE) operated out of the University of Chicago, is spearheading an effort to collect information about cyber security events that is beginning to gain steam.

Written by Cara Garretson05 July 06 21:23