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Stories by Brandon Butler

Symform has a cloud without a data center

Symform co-founder and President Praerit Garg says there's something wrong with the way data is being stored in public clouds today, namely that public cloud providers rely on data centers, which are expensive and have inherent security risks.

Written by Brandon Butler19 April 12 00:24

Citrix releases NetScaler 10

Citrix today released NetScaler 10, its next-generation application delivery controller (ADC) that is the company's answer for bringing dynamic elasticity to the network.

Written by Brandon Butler18 April 12 01:29

Citrix buys further into social collaboration

Seeking to increase its stature in the increasingly competitive social collaboration market, Citrix announced the purchase of a startup that specializes in cloud-based workplace tools.

Written by Brandon Butler12 April 12 05:31

HP takes aim at Amazon with public cloud, virtual network components

Hewlett-Packard today announced a series of open source-based cloud offerings and added network automation capabilities to its hardware products in an attempt to carve out its piece of a market currently topped by Amazon Web Services.

Written by Brandon Butler10 April 12 23:27

YouDazzle combines social collaboration, cloud storage

There are plenty of collaboration software tools on the market, and a growing number of cloud storage options for businesses as well. YouDazzle, a Silicon Valley startup, says it has created a tool that combines the best of both worlds.

Written by Brandon Butler07 April 12 04:22

Techies get reality TV show

The day has come: Techies will now have their own reality TV show.

Written by Brandon Butler06 April 12 02:34

Comparing participation in the open source cloud communities

With competition heating up in open source clouds, an analysis of community participation among four major projects shows that Eucalyptus - the oldest of those studied - has the largest standing community but OpenStack and CloudStack are gaining momentum in the developer community.

Written by Brandon Butler05 April 12 22:35

OpenStack supporters downplay Citrix defection

Top coordinators of the OpenStack project shot back at Citrix for dropping its support for the open-source cloud development platform in favor of starting a separate open source project based on an Apache license.

Written by Brandon Butler04 April 12 06:39

Terremark launches private cloud edition

Some enterprise customers just aren't comfortable throwing their data into a public cloud environment, says Ellen Rubin, vice president of cloud products for Terremark, which is owned by Verizon.

Written by Brandon Butler04 April 12 02:43

Citrix ditches OpenStack for Apache

Citrix is giving its cloud deployment platform an Apache license, marking a migration away from the evolving OpenStack project and an embrace of Amazon Web Services offerings.

Written by Brandon Butler03 April 12 23:43

Carriers make their play in the cloud

The wave started last year when Time Warner Cable, the telecommunications company serving much of the Eastern United States, spent $230 million to purchase NaviSite, a provider of cloud services for businesses.

Written by Brandon Butler02 April 12 20:30