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Stories by Brandon Butler

Amazon posts human genetic details of 1,700 people

Amazon Web Services today announced that genomic information of 1,700 individuals has been placed in its public cloud and can be accessed by anyone in the world.

Written by Brandon Butler30 March 12 03:31

Cloud services face taxing dilemma

States are having a hard time keeping up with the cloud, especially when it comes to taxing it.

Written by Brandon Butler29 March 12 06:39

Cloud storage vendor wants to ease mobile collaboration

When files are stored in the cloud, many companies need access to them on mobile devices. And once they're on those devices, users want to be able to edit the files and place them back into the cloud. That process has been difficult at times, experts say, but cloud collaboration vendor, Box, is making some moves to address it.

Written by Brandon Butler29 March 12 02:28

Red Hat: What an open Cloud really means

Open source Cloud offerings have specific characteristics that provide benefits above and beyond proprietary offerings, two top officials at Red Hat said during a webinar today.

Written by Brandon Butler28 March 12 04:36

Latisys: Customers want off-premises private clouds

The public cloud doesn't work for everyone, says Pete Stevenson, CEO of Latisys, a cloud, managed hosting and colocation service provider that announced an expansion of its offerings and facilities today.

Written by Brandon Butler27 March 12 06:32

Tech job seekers less likely to be asked for social-media passwords

There's been a good amount of talk recently about employers asking for the login information of job applicants. So, should those in the tech world expect the question to be asked the next time they're in an interview?

Written by Brandon Butler24 March 12 08:24

AWS partners with open-source private cloud provider Eucalyptus

Amazon Web Services, which offers a series of public cloud compute services, has signed an agreement with open-source private cloud vendor Eucalyptus Systems as a way to help customers ease hybrid cloud deployments.

Written by Brandon Butler23 March 12 05:30

Cloud security registry slow to catch on

Last August the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas a registry that it hoped would serve as a place for prospective Cloud users to go to easily inspect and compare cloud vendors' security controls. But to date, only three companies have submitted their Cloud security data, making the registry of limited use.

Written by Brandon Butler22 March 12 08:29

Egnyte looks to tap enterprise hybrid cloud market

There are two main types of cloud synchronization services available today, according to Terri McClure, a market analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group: consumer-focused ones, such as DropBox, and enterprise-focused ones such as Amazon Web Services and Rackspace. Egnyte, a hybrid cloud provider, is looking to bridge the advantages of each with a new offering it released today.

Written by Brandon Butler21 March 12 03:40

Citrix releases desktop as a service improvements for providers

As desktop as a service (DaaS) continues to mature as a potential option for enterprises, service providers are attempting to automate and optimize their DaaS offerings, which officials at Citrix say will ultimately lead to lower costs and more choices for end users.

Written by Brandon Butler20 March 12 05:35

VMware eases cloud provisioning

VMware has made its vCloud Integration Manager available, which it says lets service providers more efficiently provision cloud networks for clients.

Written by Brandon Butler17 March 12 05:41

Are you paying too much for Cloud services?

Knowing exactly how much and what type of Cloud service a company needs is one of the more challenging aspects of deploying a Cloud strategy, and most enterprises are getting it wrong, according to experts.

Written by Brandon Butler16 March 12 08:25

Avaya buys Radvision for $230 million

Avaya has purchased videoconferencing company Radvision for $230 million, the company announced today.

Written by Brandon Butler16 March 12 01:27

Next up for DLP: The cloud?

Traditionally there have been two ways to host a data loss prevention security service: An on-premise application managed by the customer, or an on-premise application managed by the DLP supplier. BEW Global, a managed security service provider, has a third way: Through the cloud.

Written by Brandon Butler15 March 12 09:13